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There is nothing else on the market that provides the amount of content and resources in an easy to use format.
David Lin
Managing Director
Apex Pacific
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MAUS Information Memorandum
Instantly creates a 10-35 page documents tailored for your client’s business.

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Business Value Report Software... Coming Soon

MAUS Business Value instantly creates a detailed potential valuation report for your client’s business. This detailed report explains valuation methodologies and the processes that are commonly used in valuing companies.

The report uses your clients financials to calculate possible scenarios. Based on a sophisticated financial engine it produces a detailed breakdown of two commonly used valuation methodologies (multiples of earnings & discounted cash flow). The program will automatically export a client questionnaire and import the finished client file. These changes are automatically reflected in the 17 page finished report complete with updated tables, graphs and body text.

This product is not intended to create a definitive valuation but to explain valuation concepts and methodologies using real client data. Use as a basis of a new revenue stream for your practice.

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Watch our quick tour to learn how Business Value can help you write a potential valuation report.
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Business Value Report Professional

Professional Edition is ideal for Business Owners wanting to write an Exit Plan from their business. Includes only 1 Exit Plan, 24 Videos on How to Sell Your Business, Over 250 Pages of Content, Readiness Checklists, Attractiveness Index, Potential Valuation Calculator & Cash Needs Calculators.

Price: TBA