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1. A Consultancy Business in a Box

Complete kit for only $999 (normal value RRP $2,500)

MAUS awardIf you’re looking to take your business consultancy practice to the next level, or even starting from scratch, then this kit is perfect for you. It includes all the fundamental tools and training to begin a profitable advisory engagement with clients.

Why Re-invent the wheel?

Sample Client Proposals
Initial Client Business Assessment
Client Report Generation Software
Client Engagement Methodology
One Page Business Plan Template
Fundamentals Video Training
Sample Client Sales Email Template
Marketing & Sales Handbook

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2. The Complete Advisory Software Pack
…from $99 – $699 / month!

MAUS offers a cloud software platform that arms you with the largest range of consulting tools in one interactive platform.

Quickly and easily analyse and monitor your clients’ business. It gives consultants, advisors and accountants a structured workflow to engage clients from initial engagement right through to ongoing client management.

Totally customisable, you can mould the software to meet the requirements of each unique engagement. One platform, all your consulting needs!

Client Needs Health Check
Profit Builder / ‘What If’ Analysis
Value Gap Analysis
KPI Dashboard
Virtual CFO Pro
Business & Marketing Plans
 Project & Milestone Management
ValueMax (Exit Planning)
 And More….


Online Integration


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Winner ‘Best Software Product’

“In my opinion, MAUS Hub offers a one-stop-shop solution – great management system and superb management support.”
Iris Brito, Live & Learn Environmental Education


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3. Accredited Partner Program (APP)

Launch your own successful coach consulting business. Full training, hand holding, leads, a killer business process and automated consultancy software backed by leading experts. 

Join an international network of like-minded business advisors and consultants. Includes all MAUS consultancy software (advisory software) and tools. If you want to setup a new consultancy or coaching business or add an advisory arm to your accounting practice then this is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to fastrack your practice.

Accredited Training Course
Marketing & Lead Generation
Software & Diagnostic Tools
 Monthly Mentoring Calls
 Client Program & Workbooks
 And More….

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Individual software solutions can be found below


Strategy & Planning Software

MAUS has the largest, most advanced client audit / planning consultancy software available:

Financial & Exit/Succession Software

If you are looking to establish or expand your consultancy practice then these tools are an invaluable asset to any business coach / consultant. The consultancy software allow you to identify the gaps in your clients business and produce professional reports.

Policies & Procedures Software

These are predominately desktop or cloud software that will help you produce a report, plan or policy in minutes.They are simple to use and will save you 50-90% of the time to create your clients documentation.

HR Tools

This is the product category for Human Resources. MAUS has a complete range of HR software, allowing you to in effect set up a virtual HR department. We offer HR software for Job Descriptions, Performance Review, and Employee / HR written policies.

MAUS Human Resources tools will provide you with all the information they need to hire and retain your staff while at the same time, adhering to federal and state legal requirements. The innovative software is designed to provide you with a comprehensive set of tools to establish a streamlined approach to performance management.

Start a WHS/OHS Consultancy Package

If you are a health & safety expert looking to start your own practice or perhaps looking to generate a new profitable revenue stream in a high growth area then this ready made ‘all-in-one’ solution will provide you with all the tools you need to be successful.

Marketing and Lead Generation Package

The MAUS lead generation software pack will help any consultancy and accountancy practice to build a marketing program virtually overnight. The goal; to target and impress prospects and provide a platform to convert these leads to a new business advisory client.

37 ways to start & grow a Business Coaching & Advisory practice!

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