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No matter how short your advertising message is, even if it is just one line, include a benefit.

Give people a reason to contact you, email you, or drop by your shop.
Nobody does anything without getting something good in return, even if it is just a good feeling.

Including a benefit in even the shortest ad blurbs super charges the power of your ad like you wouldn’t believe.

A school teacher who helps other educators with innovative strategies showed me her new promotional pencils.

While most businesses simply have their name and phone number listed on promotional items, the teacher added a benefit.

“Free ideas at….” If there’s anything we all need, it’s free ideas.
Add benefits to your short ad lines. Peace of mind, Save money, Save time, Be rich.

Budget for marketing

Even those of us who don’t consider ourselves big planners have systems for budgeting for marketing.

Some spend as much as they can each month. That seems to make sense, but you often wind up spending too much money in inefficient ways.

It is popular to spend a percentage of sales, but it is hard to budget much when you are just starting out and sales are slow.

That is when you need marketing the most. Other businesses wait until sales slow down before pouring on the marketing. Often, that is too little too late.

What is the top method for planning marketing, the one used by marketing experts? Invest a percentage of projected sales in your advertising effort.

Look at each of your major products and services as a separate project requiring its own ad budget. You will need to do some testing to get a good estimate of how well sales will do over several months.



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