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Ian Elliot works with companies to help them pitch. To him, the only reason you may lose out on a sale is because you were not good enough at pitching. A good pitch at the beginning is understanding the customer as much as you can. Research the people and if you do not research in depth, you will fail. Find out what is going on in the bigger picture with the company. Insist on three rehearsals. Tip: The cost of defeat is enormous and will impact the environment and culture of the business and employees. Tip: Ask your staff and ask your customers for the answers to your questions. Tip: Communicate all the time to know the staff where the company is going, and stay on the same page. Tip: Build a brand with a business as it holds equity and value – people will pay more for a brand.
The full video for this is available as part of the Your Business Success Series volume 1.

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