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When a business has a snappy, unusual, stick-in-your-head kind of name, it can do wonders for its popularity with customers.

Quite often it can be the business’ name which will attract the customer’s attention and will be the basis for their decision to choose that particular business.

There are business names which are quite catchy and then there are some which are down-right crazy. But as long as the customer remembers it, that’s the main thing.

The following is a list of businesses which just may catch customers’ attention:

  • Cold Noses Grooming Food & Supplies (Pet Store)
  • Fish Wings & Things
  • Hair Force
  • The Best Little Hair House
  • Mother Truckers Corp
  • My Family’s Nuts
  • Wet Pets – Aquarium Hire
  • Pets R People 2
  • The Lazy Daisy Florist
  • Tall Poppies

Your business name will depend on the type of business you run and the image you want to portray.

But don’t forget, you can have a little fun when choosing your business name and who knows, it could be your biggest selling point!

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