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Why Business Owners Should have an Exit Plan

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The main reason business owners should have an exit plan. the responsibility and the affect it has on you and the company.

How to sell your business

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There are two basic stages in selling a business. The first is preparing your business for sale, and the second is negotiating its sale with a prospective. It's important to focus on both of these areas. Preparing ...

How do you retire from your business?

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  A business owner can retire in several ways. Each has implications, not only for you as the owner, but for the business and the business adviser. In order to retire, you as an owner can: allow the busi...

How do you prepare to sell your business?

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To ensure you get the best price for your business if you decide to sell, you need to start planning for such a sale well in advance. You also need to consider the issues that could cause you problems. Typically, y...

Balancing business with retirement

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Business owners know only too well the stresses associated with the day-to-day running of a small business. Small business owners may decide to sell or leave their business for various reasons. For instance, retiremen...

Advice on succession plan

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Make sure guidelines, principles, policies and procedures, and other business knowledge is all documented, or risk your business tearing apart! Consider the plan for the business going forward, and talk to the next ge...