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Product or service not selling? Usually we wonder if there isn’t enough demand to sell it. Or maybe the product just needs better marketing.

Recently a client was about to delete several items from his Web site order page. One item rarely sold and two others had never sold a single order. Just as he was about to hit the delete key, he realised what the problem was. The pricing info was wrong on one item. A second was labeled with the wrong item name. The third had almost no descriptive information.

Why wasn’t he getting sales? His order page was confusing people. No telling how many customers had started to buy these items only to get confused or frustrated. Instead of telling the client about the problem, they simply didn’t place an order.

The moral of this story: check your order forms and Web site order pages for errors. Sometimes we see a page so often we overlook mistakes. Have a second and third person check for errors and clarity on directions, descriptions, and pricing info.



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