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Jargon tends to creep into our language no matter what business we’re in. Jargon is the language that is pertinent to a particular occupation, and people like lawyers are renowned for using it! We tend to do the same thing in business.

Often we use jargon and complex phrases in an effort to seem smart, serious, professional, or give our ideas more weight. While that may be a smart thing to do when communicating with other workers in your field, this can be alienating to your customers.

Jargon has the effect of excluding listeners, who cannot understand exactly what is being discussed, and often this makes them feel stupid. Customers react best to straight, plain talk, and you should make the effort to do so in every aspect of your business dealings with them.

Simplify your language

In letters or e-mails to customers, we often use business-speak phrases like “in our considered opinion” and “enclosed please find.” Simplify these into every day language: “we think” and “here is.”

After you write something, try to speak the same ideas. If you are saying something you wouldn’t say in normal spoken conversation, change it to sound more natural.

This ability to put even complex ideas into every day language is the hallmark of many successful politicians. They know their careers depend on helping voters connect with their ideas.

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