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Every now and then business starts to slow down, or a new product won’t take off, or things just start to get boring.
You feel like a new marketing idea could pick things up.

Don’t try to come up with hot new marketing ideas by yourself. Get together with others to help you brainstorm.

Two or three heads are better than one when it comes to uncovering new ideas.

Tired brains have a hard time being creative, so get away to some neutral place like a restaurant, somebody’s house, or a park.

Welcome all ideas. Hear everybody out. Write down everything and don’t get stuck on your own ideas.

Let new ways of thinking and different viewpoints take root and grow.

Run through as many possibilities as your group can think of. Don’t work too hard at it. Creativity works best when it is free and fun.

Combine old marketing methods in new ways. Deliver your sales letter in person. Mail postcards instead of your usual piece.



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