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Good salespeople relate to prospects as people with wants and needs, not just as potential buyers. There are some universal truths in human endeavour. One of them is that we all want to look good and another is we all want to feel good.

There are others, but upon these two you can build any business! Uncover your prospect’s wants and needs. This is tough, but very worthwhile for both of you.

People buy solutions to their problems. They do not buy because you are smart or nice. The absolute worst thing a salesperson can do is to try to impress the prospect with his or her knowledge. This really drives people away from you.

What do customers want?

Want a few sales? Be smart, be interesting. Want a lot of sales? Be interested!

Customers buy because they’re in pain. They need to cover their behinds. They want to look good. They want to be respected. They will buy from you when you solve these problems, and only then.

Salespeople know that people do not buy features and benefits. Well, maybe they buy benefits to them, but they really buy solutions to their problems.

Some prospects disguise this pretty well. They will tell you that it’s all bottom line and request a lot of facts, figures and data. But we know that they will buy because your product will make them look better in the eyes of others.

They will tell others that they purchased a product because of certain features, but don’t be fooled. They bought it because it made them look better than if they had bought Brand X!



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