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“But the other guys charge a lower price?”

There is a lot of competition undercutting your prices these days. The number of retail stores is at an all-time high. On the Internet there is always someone willing to do a job for less money or even for free. I’ve seen logos designed for $5 (compared to the traditional advertising world where logo design easily runs over $1,000.)

Obviously you can’t make much money if you are constantly in a price war. Here are some ways to overcome the “but the other guys charge less” objection.

1. Point out the many ways you deliver extra value in your service or product. No two services are the same. Explain the ways your service is provided differently from your competitors and why those differences bring benefits to the customer. If you are selling the exact same product as a competitor, stress how your company is more reliable, better able to answer questions, or willing to spend a little time making sure the customer is happy.

2. If the customer continues to complain about price, use this old sales trick (which happens to be true!). Tell them that companies can provide the best quality, the finest service, or the lowest price. No company can give them all three. If they want the best quality and finest service, they will have to invest a bit more.

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