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There are a number of ways to improve your attitude. The following are just a few.

Be approachable. Make it easy for people to talk with you and to consider you amiable.

Remember that manners are free. Be as courteous to the mail clerk as you would to the CEO. Don’t forget to say “please” and “thank you.” People will respect you for doing so.

Practice common courtesies in everything you do. Return phone! calls promptly, offer to pick up something for a co-worker on a trip to the supply room, and return things you borrow.

Learn to laugh at yourself and at the things that go wrong. People will enjoy being with you and will seek out your company because you’ll defuse their stress.

Be seen as an upbeat person-not one who is constantly criticising and pointing out negatives. If you are drawn into a conversation where others are criticising something, try to direct that conversation toward solving the identified concerns.

Be diplomatic without being phony. Avoid hurting others’ feelings, but develop a reputation as someone people can count on to level with them when they ask for advice.

Go out of your way to praise people for jobs well-done. Your objective is to make others feel good about your being around them.

Share ideas and articles that you come across and feel will help others in their areas of responsibility. You’ll be seen as someone who cares about people and their contributions to the organization.

Avoid sharing negative things that have happened in your life to gain sympathy or recognition for problems you may be facing. People don’t like to listen to constant complainers and groaners.



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