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What will this year hold for you? If you are hoping for bigger and better things then take heed of the following tips when it comes to organising your time and your approach to life.

Your attitude is everything. You get what you expect. Are you looking forward to a prosperous new year? You increase your probability of success when you expect it.

Start every day with a six-pack. No, not that kind of a six-pack. Few of us get everything done on our daily To Do Lists. If you can’t get it all done, it’s wise to at least take care of the most important items. Begin every day with a list. Using a yellow highlighter, highlight six things you want to get done that day. Once highlighted, prioritise the six items and you have your six-pack. You’ll avoid distractions and interruptions when you stay focused on your six-pack.

Take periodic mental breaks. Take time throughout your hectic day to reflect on what’s working and what’s not working. Have a favourite soundtrack? Play it!. Have a favourite family photo? Look at it! Buy a book of inspirational quotes and read one a day during the middle of the day. Dull blades need to be sharpened and so do overloaded minds.

Make exercise a part of your daily routine. Before you start thinking you don’t have any time, consider this for a moment. Your family doctor calls you tomorrow morning and says if you don’t exercise for at least 30 minutes that day you’ll be dead by 8pm that night. What would you do? You’d find a way. Too much stress isn’t good. Not enough exercise isn’t good either. You can kill two birds with one stone. Exercise reduces stress and builds self-esteem.

Do less to get more done. Learn to let the unimportant things go. Focus on your priorities. You don’t have to get a million things done every day to be successful. To be successful, however, you’d better be getting the most important things done. If it doesn’t need to be done today – it shouldn’t even be on your list. It’s easy to start something. The challenge is in completing it. If you can’t complete it, why start it? Focus on the priorities and concentrate on getting them done. To get more done, you may have to do less. Think about it.

Get an idea book. Go out and buy a notebook and keep it with you. Tape your business card inside with a note offering a reward in case you lose it. Form the habit of reflecting and writing your thoughts and ideas in your notebook. Evaluate your sales calls and write your observations in this book. This type of reflective writing builds inner strength for the author. Writing reduces stress. Writing becomes your personal repository for your thoughts, words, and ideas. This is a rock-solid idea for you. Just because you’ve never done it before, don’t be too quick to label it as goofy.

Make your calendar the centerpiece for your life. Make sure all personal and professional priorities are noted in your calendar. Plan all holidays at least six months in advance. The next time you attend a training program or selling skills workshop, put everything you intend to do (Good intentions) on your calendar. When it hits your calendar it gets done. When it misses your calendar, it gets vaporisd.

To achieve more, read more. Invest at least 15 minutes every day reading about your sales profession. Here it is plain and simple – you will become what you read. You will also become what you think about most. So, when you’re reading make sure you’re thinking positive thoughts.

If you want this year to be better than the last you can’t do this year what you did last year. Remember, it’s insanity to do the same things over and over and expect different results. These are exciting times. Are you an exciting person? To get more excited, experiment and do things differently.

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