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Add features to keep surfers

Nielsen, the famous media ratings company, recently said there had been a big change in the way people browse the Internet. In recent months people are surfing far fewer sites, but spending a lot more time on the sites they visit.

Instead of finding big lists of Web sites and hopping from one to another, people now have a small list of favourites they visit often and explore extensively. This may mean you need to change your Web site by adding new features. If someone wants to spend 20 minutes on your site, is there enough to keep them busy?

This change in how customers use the Internet can be good. It is hard to make a sale when people are intent on getting to the next site. More time spent on your site means more of a commitment to buy.

It also means fewer sales abandoned at the shopping cart. Prospects don’t want to walk away empty-handed after spending a big chunk of their valuable time studying your site.

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