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1 SCOPE OF WORK {Detail here exactly what products and/or services the customer is expecting, and what action you should take to comply with the tender. If MAUS Business Systems can not comply, note the non-compliances. If it is anticipated to submit a non- conforming tender the alternative tender qualifications should be identified. If it is a contract review and the contract requirements can not be met the actions to be taken must be noted}    
2 RELEVANT COMPLIANCE STANDARDS {Note here the national or international standards to which the products and/or services must comply. If there is a conflict between required standards and ability to comply, the non-compliances must be noted for action.}    
3 DELIVERY REQUIREMENTS {Note here when the products and/or services are required to be completed and any actions to be taken as a consequence}.    
4 PRICING DETAILS {Analyse the anticipated sales and the projected margins. For a tender these may only be estimates}.    
5 RESOURCE REQUIREMENTS {Note here the requirements for resources under the proposed contract and whether MAUS Business Systems can satisfy the resource requirements. Document and action anything that has to be done to comply or otherwise}.

Plant & Equipment

Manning levels (available Vs. projected)

Cash Flow


Bank Guarantees

Design & technology; manufacturing drawings

6 INSURANCE REQUIREMENTS {Discuss here any project specific insurance needs that may be required and consequential actions}.    


7 CONTRACT RISKS {Complete a formal review of the contract terms, using legal advice if necessary, to determine the extent of the contract risk profile and the ability of MAUS Business Systems to comply with the contract. Record actions during the review process.}


Damages: Damages for delay in completion;

Performance related damages;

Warranties:                                Defects liability;

Performance warranties;

Design & product warranties;

Revenue or cash flow issues:

Lump sum/schedule of rates

Fixed or variable pricing; if variable, under what terms & conditions?

Foreign exchange exposure? hedging necessary?

Cash retention applicable? repaid when and under what conditions?

What is the time for certification and payment of claims?

Are there equitable variation clauses?

Does the contract provide for the payment of Progress claims?

Are bonds permissible in lieu of cash retention?

Are you satisfied with the Customer credit worthiness? Evidence?

Contract Terms:

Are there any extensions of time provisions & force major clauses?


Are security deposits and/or performance bonds required? Can these be in the form of bank guarantees or insurance bonds? Any impact on finances?

Are there equitable terms for dispute settling procedures?

Are there any indemnities required by the customer that may impinge on MAUS Business Systems Business Systems and which may threaten its viability?

Is there any exposure to consequential loss?

Is there a cap on the liabilities of MAUS Business Systems under this proposed contract?



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