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Most people like to see what they’re buying. An ad with a picture of the product will almost always outsell the same ad with no picture.

Make sure the photo is clear enough to show important details. Consider a photo that shows someone using the product. We can take a lesson from toy manufacturers who insist on advertising on television where the commercial can show the child how to play with the toy.

If you provide a service, use a picture of yourself. One web site shows its owners hard at work on their computers.

If you don’t especially want a photo of yourself on your web site or in your brochure, use pictures of employees. Some businesses whose employees don’t want to be in a photo have used models to simulate their business at work.

Most professional photographers have a list of local models who will appear in your photos at low cost.

Make sure photos on your web site load quickly. It’s more important to have a photo that loads fast and looks a tad grainy than a rich portrait that takes forever to load.

If you have a web page, either ask your webmaster or do it yourself, but run your photos through their reduction program.

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