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Turn your 60 page business plan into a one page document

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Doubling a business is a realistic goal and planning is useful for this process. For each area of the business brake down the plan into a simple one page plan.  

What gets measured gets done

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Every business needs to measure everything from marketing to customer. Try to get a picture of exactly what is happening with in the business as best as you can.

Monthly Business Review

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You must involve all management team and people in the organisation in the strategic planning process.      

Advice on Systems and Workflow

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Success story on Systems and Workflow with TOYOTA.

Advice on logging customer service issues

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Customer service is everyone's business.    

Adopting better stock buying practices

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Every shopper knows that sensible buying saves money. Unfortunately, not every business owner realises the importance of careful buying in keeping a business profitable. Look for settlement discounts, rebates, special...

Advice on Job Descriptions

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Job descriptions should not so much focus on staff. It should explain to staff how they should perform and that is going to be measured. When staff understand the expectation then they can understand how they go about...

advice on high-level goals and strategies

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The key is getting the business model right and then roll it out with the people that are going to drive the business.

Advice on target markets

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Identify your target market and make the product truth relevant to them and that’s where the research comes in. Figure out the unique selling point is. PLAN DO ACT CHECK

Creating a culture of accountability

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Measure and analyse every aspect of business and research competitors. Respect your staff.