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Monitoring and review is the final stage in the risk management process. It is the means by which risk management is kept current and effective, as new risks and those overlooked in the original process are identified and controlled.

ChecklistBasic elements of monitoring and reviewSystematic re-implementation of the original risk management steps of risk identification, risk assessment and risk control, to ensure that the process was undertaken properly and that, in hindsight, the conclusions were correct.Ongoing monitoring of existing risk control measures to assess their effectiveness in light of changes and fluctuations in the workplace.Collection of data on any new risks which may have arisen and the formulation of new control measures.Reviewing the risk management process to ensure that all new risks identified are controlled.Monitoring external material (eg new legislation and amendments, codes of practice, guidance material, Australian Standards, manufacturer’s and suppliers’ information) to check that the standards defined by the organisation are still suitable to current best practice in OHS for their industry sector or area of operations.Documenting the monitoring and review process.

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