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Feel as if you are doing everything possible to boost your bottom line but it remains stagnant? Well, it may be time to ask yourself some important business questions.

1. Are you leaving your toilet seat up?
2. Is your business premises placed on a triangular plot?
3. Do you have a mirror in your office?

While many businesses wanting to boost sales turn to benchmarking or in-depth business analysis, there are those who are also calling on the ancient Chinese concept of Feng Shui to bring about good business fortune.

Feng Shui has been practised for more than six thousand years and, put simply, is the art of creating balance and harmony in living and working environments by remedying faltering energy patterns.

Businesses are even turning to Feng Shui masters or consultants to help determine how to position their workplaces for optimum good energy flow.

The underlying principal is that where you live and how you allocate and arrange the rooms or elements of your workplace or home can have an impact on your life, harmony, financial wellbeing and relationships.

Feng Shui tips:

Put a dash of vibrant tones such as purple, blue or red in the areas where you work, especially in the areas where money is dealt with. This will help increase your chances of prosperity. Hanging a mirror in the workspace will also aid the earning and keeping of money.

If you want good financial fortune hang a wind chime in your office. Also be sure to sit facing the door in your workplace, never your back. A clear view of the door will help you feel more secure.

Use warm lighting if possible. Lighting can change the entire atmosphere of a room. Keep it balanced though.

Good energy should be able to flow in your office without obstructing objects.

Sharp angles can be very unlucky in an office or commercial building as the angles and straight edges drive money away, whereas curves attract money.

If Feng Shui is not your cup of tea, but you still want to reshape your business’ ambience to induce customer spending, then perhaps colour psychology is for you.

Using colour to make a sale

Colour is used in business regularly to portray a message to consumers. It is a simple and inexpensive way to revamp your premises.

The following colours are associated with certain emotions:

  • Red: Passion, excitement and activity.
  • Orange: Energetic forceful, ambition.
  • Yellow: cheerful, inspiring, vital.
  • Green: Refreshing, peaceful, quieting.
  • Blue: Contemplative, sober, subdue.
  • Purple: Dignified, pompous, mystic.
  • White: Pure, clean, youthful.
  • Black: ominous, depressing.

By adding a few dashes of well thought out colour here and there, you could just convince customers to buy even without using your usual sales pitch.

Music can also be used to create the right “ambience” and encourage customers to buy, especially in the retail industry.

Research has indicated that sales can increase by more than 30 percent when the right music is played in retail stores. The most popular “music mix” is the Top 40.

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