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Here we take a look at some of the traits of a winner.

Persistence, genuine enthusiasm, a desire to help others, the ability to maintain momentum when on a roll, the guts to bounce back from rejection, and when it happens for you, someone says you got lucky.

Not True! You make your own luck – you write your own paycheque in sales. It’s not just the commission or the bonus you receive for opening new accounts and servicing your customers well.

If you cultivate the “traits of a winner” you’ll write your own ticket to a fantastic career in sales. Things don’t just happen. It’s up to you! People buy solutions to their problems. They do not buy because you are smart or nice.

Making sales

The absolute worst thing a salesperson can do is to try to impress the prospect with his or her knowledge.

This really drives people away from you. Want to have a few sales? Be smart, be interesting.

Want to have a lot of sales? Be interested! Being nice is nice. Mother will be pleased. Customers buy because they’re in pain. They need to cover their behinds. They want to look good. They want to be respected. They will buy from you when you solve these problems; and only then.

And with all the talk about interactive buying and the Internet, never forget that marketing is marketing, selling is selling, customers are customers and the basics always will apply value, service and a competitive edge.



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