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Ever had “one of those days”? Here are some tips that will help you avoid becoming entangled in “no-win” situations and put a more positive spin on life.

Clean up your vocabulary. Get rid of the words “can’t” and “won’t.” Become known as someone who “can” and “will.”

Use positive language – not negative – to ask customers how satisfied they are. Say “Can you suggest ways for us to improve our service?” not “do you have any complaints?”

Post this sign where everyone who handles customer calls can see it: “How would you want to be treated if you were calling?”

Ending a phone call quickly and cleanly – insert an implied ending by saying, “Before we hang up, let’s cover one last point …”

Watch your words. Don’t insult employees or co-workers by saying “Do you understand?” or “Are you following me?” Instead, place the burden on yourself by saying “Did I explain that clearly enough?”

A short phone silence awlays seems longer to customers. So don’t say “One moment please” and leave them in limbo. Instead, keep talking with a comment such as, “I’m calling your account up on my computer screen now.”

Each time you hear something negative about someone – even if it’s true – strive to follow this guideline: “Don’t pass it along unless another person may be harmed by not knowing.”

Recognition idea. Rethink recognition programs that mark birthdays or give out vouchers or bonuses at holiday time. Reason: They reward presence, not performance.
Uncover strengths in your products or services that you may not see by asking your customers this question: “If you recommended our product or service to someone, what would you say?”

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