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Few marketing strategies have the power of a personal letter. Just like a letter from a favourite relative, your personal letter has the power to practically jump out of the stack of mail at your prospect.

Personal email messages work the same way. Here are some ways to give your letter (which can do a LOT of selling) the power of a personal letter.

Keep your paragraphs short, such as three line paragraphs. You certainly won’t want your paragraphs longer than five or six lines. This makes your letter easier for busy people to read quickly.

Letter writing tips

Limit your letter to a single page or about 300 words for email. Longer letters can work well, but they lose the personal feel and look more like sales letters.

While all capitals, underline, and coloured text work well for a sales letter, a personal letter should keep that to a minimum.

Many experts feel personal letters work better if the paragraphs are indented. This is a more old fashioned approach that can give a more personal feel.

For printed letters, sign your name in a different colour ink and include a P.S., P.P.S., even a P.P.P.S. if necessary.

The effect of a P.S.

The next time you get a sales letter in the mail (what many of us call “junk mail”), check for the P.S. Almost all sales letters have one, or two, or even three P.S. Why? Studies show that most people read the P.S. BEFORE they read the rest of the letter. It is a good place to state your main offer.

You can include a second and third P.S. in hard-selling letters to business opportunity seekers and people who appreciate enthusiasm.

Have your secondary P.S. include your main bonuses or time limit. For example:

  • P.S.: Don’t miss YOUR chance to get the Widget 2000 for 40% off.
  • P.P.S.: This incredible offer expires September 15th!
  • P.P.P.S.: Call now 800-555-1212 and get a FREE BONUS!

People don’t read Web pages from bottom to top normally, so the P.S. at the end doesn’t have the same impact online.

Still, many top copy writers include them. Buyers associate a P.S. with a key goodie they don’t want to miss.

You can use a Web site P.S. to offer additional bonuses that drive home the sale.

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