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  A dedicated team of business software professionals with unparalleled expertise in planning & growing businesses.

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  Cutting-edge business technologies used by over 55,000 business owners & managers.

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  Over 18 years of helping business owners achieve their goals in business.

I have been using the MasterPlan Software since version 5, and have recently upgraded to version 8, I am finding it very useful and time saving. The MAUS staff were also very organised and motivated when it came to setting me up with the program in a download so I could start working on MasterPlan immediately.
Robert Prideaux from the Ailean Group
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Other Planning Tools

MAUS KPI Scorecard
Instantly create a one page snap of your business. This program will turn your strategy into a monthly action plan.

MAUS Strategic Planning Pack

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Business Planning Pack

Division of MAUS Business Systems

Business Planning Division

Business Planning Division

In order for your business to succeed, you must start planning, not just at its inception but also throughout your business life. A good business plan becomes a business' “blueprint” and can mean the difference between success and failure. "Most businesses don't plan to fail, they fail to plan."

In the beginning, a good business plan will give you an idea of whether a business is feasible or not and can aid you in obtaining finance. It can later be used and regularly updated as a management tool to provide focus and direction for your business and prepare you for expansion and possible investments. The products in this section will ensure that you are planning for success.

Human Resources Division

Human Resources Division

Employees are a vital asset for any business and a good employee is one who needs to be retained. But how does a small business owner know how to find the best employee and what to do to keep that employee? Then there is the legal minefield relating to employment which needs to be navigated correctly and if not, can often leave the small business owner on the wrong side of a legal action.

That is where the products in this section can help. These human resources tools give you all the information you need to hire and retain your staff while at the same time, adhering to federal and state legal requirements.

Business for Sale Division

Business For Sale Division

Preparing to sell a business is one of the most daunting tasks for any business owner or consultant, especially if you are inexperienced or have never sold a business before. MAUS has an extensive range of products developed in conjunction with accountants, business brokers, investors and consultants all designed to help you prepare your business for sale.

Our sell your business programs have been developed from thousands of hours of research by experts in the field. Our programs takes out the guesswork and helps you to implement step-by-step the systems and processes needed to get you the maximum possible sale price. Start preparing your business for sale today.

Consultancy Division

Consultancy Division

The MAUS consulting products provide a wide range of solutions that will help you to improve and diversify your business/practice. In 1991, MAUS Business Systems was established as a business consultancy firm, the company then expanded to incorporate software production. The software produced by MAUS is therefore designed by programmers that have a highly developed knowledge of business consultancy. Our products will therefore satisfy all the needs of a business consultant, business coaches & accountants. Our proven solutions are being used by consultant's around the world to develop and grow their business.

This range of consulting products provides software that is suitable for all business consultants. Whether you are an experienced consultant or someone looking to develop a brand new consultancy business, these products are essential tools if you wish to maximise the profitability of your business.

This unique range of consulting tools will maximise the efficiency of your resources thereby saving you time and money.

Financial Market Division

Money - every body wants it but few know how to get it and once they do, how to manage it effectively. That is why the financial services industry is in demand both in the "good" times and the "bad."

And this is not just for financial advisers but also a range of other businesses from valuers to debt collectors. The products in this section are a valuable resource for any business in the financial services industry and like your customers, will help you in the "good" times and the "bad!"

Business Benchmarking Division

Survival in today's business climate requires you to spend more time working on your business rather than in the business. Have you ever wondered how your business performs compared to your competitors? Are you charging enough for your products & services? Are you spending too much on advertising? Are you paying too much rent? Are your staff costs too high? What is the average bottom line of your competitors?

Now, thanks to MAUS Business Systems, business owners and managers can get answers to these and many more critical questions. Answers that will enable you to better understand, manage and grow your business. Following on from the highly successful Business Start-Up Series, MAUS Business Systems has now published Australia's most comprehensive and affordable range of industry specific benchmarking guides.

Start-Up a Business Division

Starting a new business can be difficult and confusing, not to mention fraught with problems! However, you can minimise each of these (and the stress!) with MAUS Business Systems Business Start-Up Guides.

Each of MAUS's 160 industry specific Business Start-Up Guide titles have been the result of at least 250 hours of research and contain approximately 200 pages of essential information.

MAUS Accredited Partner Program

MAUS provides a fully supported, international coaching/consultancy business opportunity that gives new and experienced business coaches, consultants, accountants and advisors all the systems, support, tools, technology and training they need to fast track to a successful Exit Strategy focused business coaching/consultancy business. This program will teach you all you need to know to generate leads, win clients and conduct successful, recurring revenue coaching assignments.

Initially, you will receive over 20 pieces of technology and will attend an intensive 4 day training program where you learn the "success model". The accelerated training session is followed by continual support and mentoring so as to make sure that the targets you set for yourself are met and consistently maintained.

You are not alone! In fact, you become part of an international business coaching network, extending throughout Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, America, South Africa and the Middle East.

Training & Qualification Programs

Training & QualificationsWhether you are looking for a qualification to formalise your experience, are dreaming of pushing your career ahead or are a manager who wants to get their staff involved in a course that will benefit the organisation, MAUS offers two great affordable opportunities.

By using the MAUS Mini MBA program you can obtain a Diploma of Management – BSB51107 or a Certificate IV in Frontline Management – BSB40807.

Business & Management Books

To ensure small business owners have a vast array of resources available at their fingertips, MAUS offers a comprehensive range of topic related business books and other publications, specifically selected to compliment MAUS's extensive range of business software.

MAUS's editors carefully select books and other publications from some of Australia's leading business publishers which they feel will assist you in better managing and growing your business.