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  A dedicated team of business software professionals with unparalleled expertise in planning & growing businesses.

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  Cutting-edge business technologies used by over 55,000 business owners & managers.

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  Over 18 years of helping business owners achieve their goals in business.

I have been using the MasterPlan Software since version 5, and have recently upgraded to version 8, I am finding it very useful and time saving. The MAUS staff were also very organised and motivated when it came to setting me up with the program in a download so I could start working on MasterPlan immediately.
Robert Prideaux from the Ailean Group
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MAUS KPI Scorecard
Instantly create a one page snap of your business. This program will turn your strategy into a monthly action plan.

MAUS Strategic Planning Pack

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Business Planning Pack

MAUS Software Products

With such a vast array of software available in the market, finding the right software package to meet your needs can be challenging to say the least. To make life easier, we've sourced an extensive range of leading software packages to help you better manage and grow your small business.

Business Planning Software

MasterPlan V8 - Save 50-90% of the time in creating Business & Marketing Plans

Business Planning SoftwareMAUS MasterPlan V8 enables you to develop customised Business and Marketing Plans to suit your industry, complete with a full set of financial's, actual vs. budgeted comparisons and graphical analysis.

Designed for people who need a professional plan with minimum fuss, the software uses a simple question & answer format, complete with sample text to lead you through the entire planning process.

KPI Scorecard V3 - Instantly create a One Page Snapshot of your business using KPI Scorecard

KPI Scorecard SoftwareMAUS KPI Scorecard V3 is the fastest easiest way to prepare and grow your business. Instantly create a “one page” snapshot of your business. This program will turn your strategy into a monthly action plan.

Create a scorecard for each staff member or use as the driving force for the business.

KPI Manager - Instantly group & analysis Multiple KPI's

KPI Scorecard SoftwareMAUS KPI Manager will allow you to run KPI reports for your business and therefore allow you to capitalise on all the benefits of an organised and sophisticated performance analysis system.

Every business in Australia should be monitoring their financial and non-financial KPIs on a monthly basis. However, we estimate that only 5% of businesses actually review their KPIs in one simplified report.

Strategic Planning Pack - Increase your Management Skills while develop a plan for your business.

Strategic Planning Pack SoftwareWant to increase your management skills and develop your career? Ever considered joining a MBA program but wanted something more practical? At the fraction of the time and cost of a typical MBA, MAUS Mini MBA provides you with an exciting opportunity. Not only will this easy to understand guide present you with practical know-how of important management concepts but it will also provide you with the tools to achieve a Diploma in Management.

Human Resources Software

Policies & Procedures Manual - Create your own customised Operations Manual!

Policies & Procedures Manual SoftwareMAUS Policies Manual is designed to help companies develop a complete operations handbook incorporating procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual.

This innovative software will allow you to create a handbook that is specific to your business, not just a collection of standardised policies and procedures. An operational handbook translates a company's business direction into clear goals and easy to follow guidelines.

Job Descriptions - Create your own customised Job Descritpions in minutes!

Job Description SoftwareMAUS Job Descriptions is the easiest, quickest and most effective method of creating job descriptions for your employees.

Having comprehensive and up-to-date job descriptions for each of your employees provides your organisation with many benefits. Job descriptions provide employees with an accurate understanding into what their job entails, their responsibilities and other important specifications which assists in maintaining focus.

Performance Review - Instantly create Staff & Employee Reviews in minutes!

Performance Review SoftwareMAUS Performance Review helps you create performance appraisals ready for your employees in minutes! Writing performance reviews is now easier than ever before. MAUS Performance Review will generate fully formatted employee reviews in half the time.

MAUS Performance Review includes Intelli-text, an exclusive technology which writes clear and natural text that flows as if you wrote it yourself allowing you to save valuable time and effort.

Business for Sale Software

SellBiz Pro - Instantly create your own customised Exit & Succession Plan!

Exit & Succession Planning SoftwareMAUS SellBiz Pro educates business owners on the steps needed to prepare their business for sale. This product is vital for any business owner who is wanting to sell their business for its maximum sale price!

Also, included is "Sell Your Business - The Practical Guide", a complete workbook with over 250 pages of content on selling a business.

Information Memorandum - Instantly create your own customised Information Memorandum

Information Memorandum SoftwareMAUS Information Memorandum instantly creates a 10-35 page document tailored for your client's business. This is vital for any business broker, accountant or consultant who wants to prepare an information memorandum for their clients!

This program has been developed in consultation with business brokers, accountants, investors and consultants.

Consultancy Software

Profit Builder - Instantly create a 72 page Client Profit Improvement Reports in minutes!

Profit Builder SoftwareMAUS Profit Builder is the new revolutionary way to provide your client's with a professional 'health check' on their business that actually recommends your services. Profit Builder will also assist your client's in improving their efficiency and profitability while providing your practice with an ongoing source of consulting revenue.

MAUS Profit Builder has been designed after many years of research from the accountants and consultants that have formed part of the MAUS client base.

Financial Market Software

Stockmarket Plus V9 - Create your own Share Market Portfolio in minutes!

Stockmarket Plus SoftwareMAUS Stockmarket Plus V9 is an easy to use Share Portfolio Management software which is owned and developed in Australia. Stockmarket Plus v9 handles a range of investments including shares, options, warrants, managed funds CFD's and more.

MAUS Stockmarket Plus V9 enables investors to keep track of their investments and provides important data to make informed and profitable investment decisions.