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New 2014 Version of Health and Safety Planner out NOW! Based on latest health and safety legislation
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OHS Legislation, WHS Legislation, comply using our WHS software

Health and Safety Software
Work Health & Safety - 2014 Version

Written for Australian conditions

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MAUS Health and Safety Planner is a software system and collection of policy templates used to create OHS / WHS documentation and help you comply with Work Health Safety, AS4801 and Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

The sample content included in this program is reviewed regularly and is based on the latest Health and Safety Legislation.

If you need Health and Safety documentation (for a tender, or to quickly put something in place), the best program for you is Health and Safety Planner. This flexible program is great for quickly creating health and safety documentation, and managing document control/audit history. You're in the right place - details can be found below, on this page.

If you are looking for a more complete system for managing Health and Safety, including documentation, a better choice for you is likely to be the Health and Safety System. The Health and Safety System is the perfect instant system for Health and Safety for small businesses. More information on that system can be found here.

If you're not sure what is going to suit your business, call MAUS and ask to speak to someone about compliance. It's a free call - the number is 02 - 9907 1669.

Health and Safety Planner - Documentation

In light of the Harmonisation legislation introduced on January 1st, we have developed Health and Safety Planner to be based on the current Work Health & Safety and Harmonisation regulations.

MAUS Health & Safety Planner will help you develop your health and safety policies and procedures. Develop Work Health & Safety documentation for your business quickly, easily, affordably and with credibility with our powerful software program.

Comprehensive and easy to understand, MAUS Health & Safety Planner will guide you step by step on how to create a WH & S document that is based on Harmonisation legislation. This includes sections on management of risk in the workplace, incident reporting, emergency procedures, the Work Health & Safety consultative process, general safety policies, safety performance monitoring, safety inspections, safety in the office and a comprehensive selection of Health and Safety templates and forms.

The MAUS Health and Safety software is regularly reviewed and updated with the ever-changing Health and Safety regulations, codes, and standards.

More than just a customisable manual that can be adapted to any business, Health and Safety Planner is actually a system for Work Health & Safety compliance with many powerful, time and money saving features that make your business safer, more efficient and more credible.

Document Control
Enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that you have a document that is actively enforced with document control, automated staff compliance acknowledgement and a history audit trail. The document control tab is used for easily and automatically stamping your policies with all the information needed for
document control.

Employee Compliance and Audit Trail
Don’t spend time chasing up employees for their compliance every time you add a policy, or make a change – the automated policy acknowledgement email system will not only inform your employees, but log their responses as well. Minimise liability with a comprehensive digital paper trail of all revisions and changes you make in creating your document.

Do you need a clear path through the process of putting a Work Health & Safety system in place for your business? The highly anticipated MAUS Health & Safety Planner provides all the tools you need to have a comprehensive Work Health & Safety document and an excellent Work Health & Safety system in place in your business.


Key Benefits of MAUS Health and Safety Planner:
Instant set of up to date OHS/WHS procedures.
Helps to prevent serious incidents or near-misses.
Intuitive question and answer / step by step format.
Hundreds of sample Work Health & Safety policies, forms and procedures.
Improve safety and productivity.
Protect your organisation against litigation.
WH&S Templates and Forms
Safe Work Method Templates
Plans/handbooks can be saved in HTML format - meaning you can publish to the internet or as a website on your company internet.
Ability to import documents and images
Includes standard OH&S and WH&S documents

At the click of a button, MAUS Health and Safety Planner will provide you, the manager, with the following:
A comprehensive base Work Health & Safety document. The main document is over 240 pages of policies, templates, and forms. Plus, there are two other documents.. meaning 100's of varying OHS/WHS policies.
The tools you need to comply with WH&S legislation.
A system for enforcing your Work Health & Safety document with document control and staff compliance logs.
Management of Risk in the Workplace
Incident Reporting (paper based OR online step-by-step with the complete system)
Emergency Procedures, Safety Performance Monitoring, Safety Inspections Policies
Inclusions for WH&S and OH&S

What are the benefits to your business?
A safety program is probably the single most important component to controlling compensation costs, time lost due to incidents and even workplace morale. Writing and communicating are the key steps to ensuring the success of a safety program in your business. Prevent serious incidents, accidents or near-misses. Improve safety and productivity and protect yourself from litigation. The MAUS Health and Safety Planner will allow you to quickly analyse your strengths and weaknesses and implement guidelines to ensure your business meets its legal obligations. With the hard work of writing the plan being eliminated you can concentrate on implementing and communicating guidelines.

Add to the value of your business with comprehensive systems documents for Health and Safety.

Who should use MAUS MAUS Health and Safety Planner?
Any business that employs people should consider investing in a program that could save them thousands of dollars in litigation for breaches of safety regulations. The smaller the business, the bigger the impact a legal action will have against survival rate of that business. The more people you employ, the higher the risk of a serious incident occurring in the workplace. MAUS Health & Safety Planner will even highlight the dangers in an office environment where there is a general perception that accidents never occur. Health & Safety Planner has been designed in an easy to navigate and read style, no complicated legal terms, no burdening manuals, any manager or supervisor with limited knowledge of WH&S legislation, anybody is now able to safeguard their working environments – simply by clicking their mouse!


Instant Health and Safety System
We also sell a package that contains Health and Safety Planner, that is more of a complete system for Health and Safety for small businesses. It's called the Health and Safety System and full details can be found here.

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30 Day Purchase trial.
Get your full copy of Health & Safety straight away! You can publish a complete Health and Safety plan as soon as you install the software. That is our 'Money Back Guarantee'!

2014 Health & Safety Manual Professional

Professional Edition is ideal for Business Owners who need to create only one WH&S or OH & S Manual. Includes One Manual, OH&S / WHS Wizard, 100+ Sample OH&S WHS templates, Export to Word, PDF & HTML. Allow you to export a complete Health and Safety plan in minutes. Does not include document control tab.

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Price: $499

Safety Procedures

2014 Health & Safety Manual Professional GOLD

Professional Gold Edition is ideal for any business that needs to create one or more H&S Manuals. Gold version includes document control and history audit trail. Plus all the features of the professional edition.
This is a fantastic option if you are expecting many future revisions to your policies.
Does not include automated staff policy acknowledgement logging or the ability to be installed on a server.

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Price: $699

Safety Procedures

2014 Health & Safety Manual Enterprise

The Enterprise Edition is ideal for medium to large enterprise who need to create one or more H&S Manuals with version control and history audit trails and need to install on their company server with multiple user access.

This version includes export import functionality which is great for multiple staff authoring purposes. It also includes a huge time saving feature - automated staff compliance logging and acknowledgement.

Call MAUS today and ask to speak to someone from compliance to learn about how the features of the Enterprise version can help you gain recognition for your excellent policies and procedures.

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Price: $999

Safety Procedures

2014 Health & Safety - Complete System

This is the best value offering. Perfect for small businessess looking for an off-the-shelf Health and Safety system. Health and Safety Planner is used to create your documentation and then MAUS Dashboard and the Health and Safety section are used to make the task of maintaining, using or publishing your system as easy as possible. Contains Enterprise Health and Safety Planner and Pro MAUS Dashboard.
Be a modern, efficient and safety conscious business as easily as possible with this complete system. More details here.

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Price: $1499

Health and Safety System

2014 Health & Safety Manual Consultants

Consultants Edition is ideal for Compliance Consultants or Business Consultants, advisors or accountants. Includes Unlimited Manuals, 100+ Sample WH&S and OH&S templates, Interactive Client Questionnaire & Export to Word, PDF & HTML. You will also receive a License that gives you the Copyrights to Legally use the software as a Consultant. Includes advanced client features, automatic generation of client questionnaires and more.

- Includes all the features of Pro, Gold, and Enterprise software.
- Now includes over $1000 worth of added value software to give to your clients
- Increase the value of your offering as a consultant by providing the FREE surplus licenses to your next clients.

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Price: $1999

Safety Procedures


If you aren't sure which version of the software suits your needs and goals, contact us. Our compliance team have helped hundreds of small businesses take their first steps towards accreditation and are always happy to discuss your best options.

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