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This software will help you overcome the following challenges facing advisors and consultants


Winning Profitable Clients
How to build trust without investing too much time.

Structure your client engagement
Create a replicable and automated methodology.

How to build ongoing revenue from each client
How to justify your fees, while delivering exceptional value.

Standing out from the crowd
How to position yourself in the marketplace.

Leverage and scale your practice
How to do more with limited time, and scale your practice on demand.

Don’t re-invent the wheel

MAUS offers a complete health & safety consultants software package for any expert looking to start your own practice or perhaps looking to generate a new profitable revenue stream in a high growth area.

It is the quickest and most effective way to build a successful practice giving you the ammunition to engage clients easily, produce Instant WHS/OHS management systems and provide value add services to justify ongoing recurring revenue. As an advisor the package will help you to:

  • Build trust and credibility with client auditing & engagement system featuring dashboard reporting.
  • Get access to a powerful library of interactive audit questionnaires. Edit ours or create your own
  • Create unlimited H&S plans/manuals for unlimited clients based on AS/NZ 4801 standards.
  • Justify ongoing fees by allowing clients to access their own software management system as part of your service.

“The MAUS Health & Safety Consultants Package and the service provided by MAUS is fantastic! Highly recommended to anyone who is looking to start their own consultancy or interested in buying their tools. Great value for money”
Deanne Boules, Insync Workplace Solutionsstars

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Step 1. How to win new clients

Build trust & credibility with structured ‘best of breed’ framework

  • Run a client company audit on risks and potential hazards with Interactive questionnaires.
  • Select if you would like your client to be able to login and complete on their own.
  • Pre built library of developed workplace safety questionnaires
  • Ability to edit or create your own types of audit questionnaires that you or your clients can then easily complete using a laptop, an iPad or similar handheld device.


Generate professional client audit reports

What used to take days now literally takes minutes! Click a button to automatically generate professional gap analysis and action plan reports. You can customise cover pages with your practice branding and easily export to Word/PDF to send to a client in hardcopy.


View Sample Audit Report

Monitor your clients with real time dashboard reporting

A snapshot of how your clients are tracking so you can be a proactive consultant. View all of the audit questionnaires that you have given your client access to on a single dashboard. You can view a traffic light showing the status of each of their modules. You can also log client meetings and conversations, and set a schedule to re-engage clients.

Step 2. Systems & accountability

Create unlimited H&S plans/manuals for unlimited clients

Receive a license that gives you the copyrights to legally use the software as a consultant and on-sell WHS/OHS management systems. No restrictions, generate unlimited documentation for unlimited clients based on AS/NZS 4801 standards. 100+ Sample templates and forms including Safe Work Method Statements. Simply type in your clients information, your practice details and let the software do all the hard work for you!

It is the fastest, easiest way to put documentation and systems in place for a small to medium business. It is also a practical, proven tool for handling policy documents (with all the features you might expect).


Easily track client acknowledgment of safety policies

Acknowledgement of policies is a vital component of business compliance. Using an interactive email notification system you will be able to log all communications between clients and their staff so you can track who has signed off on policies & procedures.

Automatically compile your clients safety policies into a professional finished manual/plan.

Once you have inserted your clients name and logo, just click a button and the software will compile you a finished document. It takes minutes and can be generated as a Microsoft Word or PDF file..Its that simple!

View Sample Report

Step 3. Generate ongoing revenue

Build profitable relationships, retain clients and justify your fees.

Once you have completed your client audits and documentation, you can then provide clientele with a simple and easy to use cloud-based management system. Expand your services and deliver even more value as part of your practice.

Its a complete system for managing risks, incidents, training and improving accountability for small-medium business. Your clients can easily navigate through each of the modules and even brand the software with their business name and logo on the home interface.

Modules available that you can give to a client:

Click on any of the following tabs below…

Legislation requires employers to identify hazards and assess the risks in their workplace. Subsequent to this process, there is a requirement to implement, monitor and review risk control measures.

Using the risk management module, you can give a client access to an interactive risk register to easily identify and record all potentials risks that may affect their organisation at site locations and other activities.

Your clients then generate easy to use, pre-written Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) templates.

Your clients can download these as MS Word documents or create their own in the system from a library of risks associated with industry specific activities such as building, plumbing, cleaning and more.

All your client has to to do is simply add in their company name, project details, select a risk from the library and then export into a document ready to print or email.

View Free Sample SWMS

The Incident Manager was developed as a system to accurately and efficiently log all incidents as they happen for legal obligation.

Use the Remedial Actions segment to reflect on the situation and devise preventative actions for the future.

Ensuring that your clients and their employees are properly trained is an important part of quality and compliance in general. As your clients business grows, the task of tracking training becomes increasingly challenging.

The training manager module reduces this challenge by providing a log of scheduled training events, stored training records and certificate license expiry dates.


MAUS Cloud Links

SWMS document register
Induction register
Site register
Contractor register
Employee register
Activity register
Electrical equipment register
Corrective actions register
Chemicals and hazard register
Legislation and reference register
PPE register
Audit questionnaire register
Document library
Company logbook
Automatic reminders
Link to Xero and Quickbooks

Easily manage clients on an ongoing profitable basis

The software also includes a ‘Consultants Module’ which gives advisors special access to their clients systems. This will add tremendous value to both you and those clients of yours that do use the cloud-based software platform, as this will ensure you can considerably improve the overall service you offer these clients. It will help you to:

  • Maintain and update your clients system’s & documentation online when required by your practice at the click of a button.
  • Click on any client and it will automatically open up their management system and show you their results, performances and activities.
  • Maintain a consultants library of templates for all types of manuals, risk assessments, training and more which you can easily make available in any of your clients software at any time.


“MAUS provides accountability with my clients and is great tool for team focus and motivation. It is an easy to use tool and fully customisable”
Matt Jones, Cube Consulting Groupstars

Request a live demo or a more information kit
Free software demonstration video, software sample and brochure

Why MAUS – affordability, user friendliness and integration

When you partner with MAUS you take advantage of our 20 years of experience and our investment of millions of dollars in software, technology and IP. Over 60,000 MAUS systems have been shipped around the world. MAUS is supported by an international network of accredited MAUS business partners, who all contribute to keeping our technology ahead of the rest. MAUS Business Systems is recognised as a Business Champion in IT.

The company was awarded the Winner for the category of Information Technology at the prestigious Australian Small Business Awards. Our software also won the ‘Best Software Product’ at the Australian Business Awards in its industry classification. The Australian Business Award for Best Software Product recognises market-leading software products that demonstrate overall product superiority offering a point of difference from their competitors

2013 Best Software Product

Each week we host webinars and training covering how you can build a successful consultancy practice.

MAUS provides all consultant pack users with a number of comprehensive online training sessions with a qualified trainer to help you to get started. We also have seperate end user training sessions each week that you can offer to your clients on behalf of your consultancy. We also have marketing material that you can place on your website all included within the package. During the online training we will teach you:

  • How to register your own Consultants software
  • The methodology behind the system and how to effectivDepositphotos_7274230_originalely use it
  • How to engage your clients and identify keys areas of improvement
  • How to build your clients H&S system
  • Advising your clients the training available from MAUS
  • How to identify ongoing services for your clients.

Partner with an established brand

Join a network of like-minded business advisors and consultants. As an approved partner, we’ll provide you with all of the support and tools you need to be successful.


What they said…

“I have recently become a MAUS Health & Safety Consultant, I spent a reasonable amount of time assessing the program and in particular the benefits it would provide my clientele. While the program is great and very valuable, the service provided by the MAUS staff is what swayed me to become involved. I became involved with the program for its features but I will definitely be staying as a partner to a large extent because of the ongoing assistance and willingness of the MAUS staff to look at ideas to help me build my program to my needs.” Ben Olsen, Primary Safety WA


Summary of Features

The MAUS Health & Safety Consultants Package includes the following:

  • Client audit and engagement system for you to run a client company audit on risks and potential hazards. You can select if you would your client to login on their own to complete via the cloud. There is a pre-built library of questionnaires which you can edit or create your own. (Unlimited clients)
  • Client dashboard reporting system so you can view all of the questionnaires that you have given your client access to. You can view a traffic light dashboard showing the status of each of the modules. You can also log client meetings and conversations, and set a schedule to re-engage clients. (Unlimited clients)
  • Authoring software containing pre-configured WHS/OHS sample policies, procedures and forms that you can auto update with your practice and client’s information, including logos, colours, contact details, etc. This software has full version control, audit trialing, email notifications and more. All documents can be exported to MS Word, PDF and HTML. You will receive both the cloud and desktop version with the package so you can choose your preference.
  • Management software such as Incident Reporting, Training, KPI’s, Project Management and more which you can invite clients to use within their business internally with unique user access and security permissions. You can charge the client for this value add by including it with your fees to justify the costs.
  • Access to a ‘Consultants Module’ for your practice which can be used to update and maintain your clients management system’s when required. You can click on any client and it will automatically open up their system and show you their results and performance. You can also add, edit or delete documents for your clients at the click of a button.
  • Marketing Material consisting of banners, logos and web-diagnostics for your website to entice potential clients to trial your services.


Call us if you need advice

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