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Structure the way you work and automatically produce stunning reports that will impress every time! MAUS Value Enhancement Gap Software creates a powerful return on investment selling document which explains the theory behind business valuation and also the value created by engaging your services. This is a must have for advisors who are working in Exit and Succession Planning. MAUS Value Enhancement Gap operates from the award winning MAUS Hub cloud based platform.

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The MAUS business value enhancement model is one of the most effective exit and succession ROI estimation systems in the world. The program is able to calculate for your client an approximate value both today and within a 1-5 year time frame simulating profit improvement and value enhancement as value generators. Now you can sell your services using this powerful return on investment (ROI) estimation.

The software is designed to save you having to re-invent the wheel, in turn saving you hours of ground work and producing credible, professional ROI report every single time!

Sometimes, a client will have trouble understanding the importance of non-profit building activities to boost the overall value of their business. Activities may include systemising the business, creating company polices, obtaining awards, testimonials, etc. In actual fact, this non-profit building activity can exponentially increase the value of the business.

The MAUS business value enhancement model communicates this value enhancement estimation clearly to your client. Enage your client effectively by placing a dollar value in terms of ROI you can provide them through an exit and succession phase.

The software automates the process. Use a simple client financial sheet that drives a comparative value of “today’s value” vs estimated value after the exit and succession phase. Best of all, this can then be generated into a detailed report with the click of a button. Each report is automatically branded with your practice details and includes your client details that are automatically merged into the reports.

Instantly create professional reports your clients will love

It used to take months to accurately assess and generate documentation of your clients business. Now it will take you minutes. In 15 minutes you can engage your client with a structured set of financial questions that are easy to understand and simple to answer. MAUS Value Enhancement Gap software will do the rest; click a button to automatically generate a professional report that includes a return on investment assessment for your client.

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Build your credibility and lay the foundation for a profitable ongoing engagement

The true value of profit improvement when combined with value enhancement (non-financial) has very little meaning to the average person when it comes to a successfully exiting a business. MAUS Value Enhancement Gap software automatically produces comparison graph that shows the valuation differences between business value now, business value after profit improvement, and business value after both profit improvement and value enhancement.

WOW your clients about how much you can return on their investment

You can excite your clients by showing them how small changes can have great affects. The software makes it clear to visually communicate to your client.

The core features of MAUS Value Enhancement Gap software business owners and their trusted advisors love most.

Client / Consultant Branding

Brand your business plans and cloud based portal with your practice and client’s information, including logos, colours, contact details, etc.

State of the art cloud based platform

You may not want to spend valuable time working through the systems audit. Lets face it, your client is the expert of their business, you are the expert in the process of analysing and improving their systems. Being cloud based, your client can access from the comfort of their own office. This process means you spend minutes generating documents for your clients – why not also use this as a marketing tool?

Customise Reports

Customise the detail of your plan based on your objectives. The range of plans available are ideal for bank loan applications right through to setting strategic direction.

No Restrictions – Unlimited Clients

Generate unlimited reports for unlimited clients


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Risk Free 30 day money back guarantee

All our products come with a 30 purchase trial basis period. If for

any reason you would like to return the product, you may do so within the 30 day purchase trial period. This makes any purchase of the MAUS product range effectively risk free and provides you the flexibility to ensure sure you are happy with your purchase decision.

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