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Service Industry Category

As the name suggests, to be a success in the service industry, you must supply second-to-none customer service. Without it, your customers will quickly find a competitor who is willing to offer better service and often at a more expensive price. This is an industry where price can become secondary to the service. In many cases, customers are willing to pay more in order to get the “best.”

That is why the products in this section are critical to those in the service industry or hoping to enter the industry. They will give you the tools and resources needed to succeed in the services industry.

Service Industry Category Resources
Balloon Delivery Service
Carpet Cleaning Contractors
Carpet Cleaning Service
Child Care Centres
Child Day Care Service
Cleaning Contractors
Commercial & Industrial Cleaning
Domestic Cleaning & Services
Dry Cleaners
Dry Cleaning Business
Hobby Shop
Lawn Mowing & Maintenance Service
Limousine Service
Nanny Placement Agency
Nappy Delivery Service
Painting Contractors
Pest Control Contractors
Pet Hotel (Kennels) & Grooming Service
Photography Business
Pool Cleaning & Maintenance Service
Printer Cartridge Recharging & Repair Service
Security Patrol Service
Starting a Home-Based Business
Taxi Operators
Window & Blind Cleaning Service
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