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About MAUS Software

With such a vast array of software available in the market, finding the right software package to meet your needs can be challenging to say the least. To make life easier, we've sourced an extensive range of leading software packages to help you better manage and grow your small business.

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Business Software Categories
Business Planning In order for your business to succeed, you must start planning, not just at its inception but also throughout your business life. A good business plan becomes a business' “blueprint” and can mean the difference between success and failure. Most businesses don't plan to fail, they fail to plan.
Consultancy Solutions The MAUS consulting products provide a wide range of solutions that will help you to improve and diversify your business/practice. In 1991, MAUS Business Systems was established as a business consultancy firm, the company then expanded to incorporate software production. The software produced by MAUS is therefore designed by programmers that have a highly developed knowledge of business consultancy. Our products will therefore satisfy all the needs of a business consultant. Our proven solutions are being used by consultant's around the world to develop and grow their business.
Corporate Solutions MAUS Business Systems has a number of products and services that are well suited to the corporate business market. In the last two years MAUS has developed strong relationships with a number of Australia's largest organisations, including Telstra, the Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Hertz and Liquorland to name but a few.
Financial Services Money - every body wants it but few know how to get it and once they do, how to manage it effectively. That is why the financial services industry is in demand both in the “good” times and the “bad.” And this is not just for financial advisers but also a range of other businesses from valuers to debt collectors.
Human Resource Employees are a vital asset for any business and a good employee is one who needs to be retained. But how does a small business owner know how to find the best employee and what to do to keep that employee? Then there is the legal minefield relating to employment which needs to be navigated correctly and if not, can often leave the small business owner on the wrong side of a legal action.
Sell Your Business Preparing to sell a business is one of the most daunting tasks for any business owner or consultant, especially if you are inexperienced or have never sold a business before. MAUS has an extensive range of products developed in conjunction with accountants, business brokers, investors and consultants all designed to help you prepare your business for sale.
MAUS - Business Software

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