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Complimentary access to the MAUS Virtual CFO Software for AIEA members!

MAUS Virtual CFO is the perfect tool for identifying effective ways to improve profit, revenue and cash flow. Best of all, this program is designed to be read and understood by anyone, even if you do not have a financial background.

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This product includes:
MAUS Virtual CFO profit builder calculator – unlock more profit.
MAUS Virtual CFO revenue builder calculator – analyse revenue drivers.
MAUS Virtual CFO Cash builder calculator – free up trapped cash.
Fast and easy – enter required data in under 30 minutes.
MAUS No Restrictions™ – unlimited clients and reports!
Automatically generate professional reports that will WOW your clients’.
Technical support plan.
Instant access via download link.


No credit card required!

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  2. Click ‘Add to Cart’ on the BUY NOW tab above, directly below.
  3. Enter your coupon (Then what you have)
  4. A link to the software will automatically be established.
  5. Contact our office for a list of free training sessions that we hold each week

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