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Welcome to MAUS's Business Q&A Service

Ask MAUS - Business Q&A Service
MAUS's Business Q&A Service is a unique Australian initiative tailored especially for the needs of small business owners. This service combines MAUS's extensive range of information solutions with personalised one-on-one support from MAUS's team of small business experts. Simply select the "category" that best meets your situation or problem and post your question. Our experts will research your question and provide you with guidance based on their experience and available solutions. You can even search the growing Q&A database to view questions & answers posted by other small business owners.

About MAUS's Business Q&A Experts View Expert Profiles
MAUS's experts bring together over 100 years of combined experience in dealing with the common issues facing small business owners around Australia. The team of consultants at MAUS speak to hundreds of small business owners each day finding solutions to a diverse range of problems. Whether your starting a business or looking for ways to improve your bottom line, they're sure to be able to give you the guidance you need. Even if your question is outside of their area of expertise, chances are they can refer you to someone who specialises in that field. To find out more about the extent of MAUS's Business Q&A Service, please refer to the Terms & Conditions.

Question & Answer Archive View Personal Achive View Public Archive
One of the most powerful aspects of MAUS's Q&A service is enabling small business owners to view past questions & answers posted both personally and by other small businesses. Naturally, any questions posted in the public archive do not have direct reference to individuals or businesses. Build your own personal resource library which you can refer to as often as you need. Gain knowledge from what other small business owners have learnt.

Choose from the Q&A topic categories below to submit your question

Starting a Business Ask a Question View Archive
If it's your first time in business, there's so much you need to know before taking the plunge. Seek the guidance of our start-up specialists who are committed to helping you succeed.

Managing & Growing Your Business Ask a Question View Archive
You've survived the start-up phase and now you need assistance in better managing and growing your business. Get help and guidance from our managment experts to improve productivity and your bottom line.

Getting Your Business Online Ask a Question View Archive
If you're looking to put your business online, there are many issues you need to consider to avoid being a "dot com bomb". Get the help and guidance you need from our online experts to help make sure your online venture is a success.

Buying & Selling a Business Ask a Question View Archive
Buying or selling a business is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. You need to ensure the decision you make is an informed one. Get the information you need from our experts.

Legal Issues Ask a Question View Archive
Get help and guidance for many of the common legal issues facing small businesses every day. Our legal experts will do their best to keep you on the right side of the law.

Accounting & Tax Ask a Question View Archive
You've survived the implementation of the GST, but there are still many issues that arise daily which need clarification. Ask our tax experts for assistance with all your tax related queries.

Banking & Finance Ask a Question View Archive
Whether you are after information about your financing options or funding your business expansion, you'll find help here. Ask our banking experts for help and guidance.

Venture Capital Ask a Question View Archive
If you are looking to raise capital and want to find out about the pros and cons of using venture capital, this is the place to start. Seek help and guidance from our experts on this increasingly common form of financing.

Insurance & Protecting Your Business Ask a Question View Archive
In today's economic climate you need to make sure that your business is protected against any unforseen circumstances. Protecting your business against fire and theft is just the tip of the iceberg. Ask our insurance experts for guidance on a suitable risk management strategy to ensure your business is secure.

Government Assistance & Information Ask a Question View Archive
Whether you're wanting information on government grants, business licenses, applicable legislation, or just wanting to find out which government department deals with a particular issue - you can get answers to these and more with the help of our Government experts.

Human Resources Ask a Question View Archive
Managing personnal is a crucial aspect of any small business employing people. You need to be aware of your rights and obligations as an employer. Issues arise every day which need to be handled in the appropriate way. Ask our HR experts for help with any of your employment issues and they'll be sure to steer you in the right direction.

Computers & Technology Ask a Question View Archive
Get help on everything from buying computers and laptops to setting up a network for your small business. Our experts are waiting to answer your questions.

Franchising Ask a Question View Archive
If you're thinking about buying a franchise, or you are an existing franchisee and need guidance in dealing with common issues and problems in your franchise, we can help you.

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