Accountancy firms Partner Program

The simple and credible way to fast-track a new or existing advisory arm within your accountancy practice

…Why re-invent the wheel. Offer advisory services to your clients

If you want to setup a new advisory arm to your accounting practice then this is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to fastrack your practice.

Become a Your Business Success licensee

We have developed a complete client program that includes workbooks, diagnostics and much more…

KPI software dashboard.

MAUS Advisory Board Client Workbook

Gain a competitive advantage overnight!

Imagine if we could train your partners and staff and provide your accountancy practice with the software, mentoring and support to establish a business advisory arm that could grow your top
line each year.

Imagine if you could recover your investment with as little as 1– 2 client engagements.

MAUS has been supplying accountants and financial professionals with business tools and expert systems for more than 20 years.

MAUS is recognised as the global de facto standard in strategic, business and operational planning having delivered more than 55,000 businesses and over 10,000 advisors with software and support in over a dozen countries.

The company has a range of world-standard methodologies and software that will allow your practice to create instant reports.

Expand your role as a ‘TRUSTED ADVISOR’ using this world-class software

These AWARD-WINNING instant software solutions and client reports will provide you with quick and easy access to 100’s of powerful client diagnostics and analysis tools. Simple to administer and setup client workflows.

 ‘Advisor Version’ features

 Automatically creates client questionnaires, allows unlimited client reports (subject to licence), creates instant impressive reports that can be printed and sent to clients and merges your client details into the reports. Cloud based client management program

Advisory Board 7 Step wheel

 Accountant & advisor training & mentoring

We take your practice through an intensive 6 days of face-to-face training plus we support you and your practice over the next 12 months to build your revenue stream. MAUS has invested millions of dollars in the development of intellectual property including business tools and software that will be supplied to your practice. This will save you years of trying to re-invent the wheel and give your practice a competitive advantage.

  • MAUS has shipped over 55,000 business systems around the world.
  • Our advisors are located on 4 continents in over 60 offices.
  • Our award winning technology is recognised as best of breed.
  • Our strategic methodologies and technologies have been used in MBA programs and tertiary education.
  • Training can be credited against CPD & CPE point requirements in most cases.

Join an international network of advisors.
“I was blown away with the quality, quantity and depth of the MAUS software, material and resources”  John Dawkins – Accountant & Business Advisor

“There is not another network in the world that even comes close to MAUS.That is why we flew 12,000 km to partner with this leading edge company. Rob Fiance – CEO, US Business Services
“MAUS has developed a ‘best of breed’ set of exit & succession planning technology and processes that are leading the world.”
Peter Christman – Co-Founder and CEO, Exit Planning Institute