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Strategic Planning Pack

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  A dedicated team of business software professionals with unparalleled expertise in planning & growing businesses.

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  Cutting-edge business technologies used by over 55,000 business owners & managers.

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  Over 18 years of helping business owners achieve their goals in business.

Brilliant! An excellent
resource and a great way
to train my staff.
Chris Lemoy
Managing Director
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Other Planning Tools

MAUS KPI Scorecard
Instantly create a one page snapshot of your business. This program will turn your strategy into a monthly action plan.

MAUS MasterPlan
Instantly create a Business & Marketing Plan in minutes, complete with a full set of financial's, actual vs. budgeted comparisons and graphical analysis.

MAUS Mini MBA provides you with a comprehensive range of tools created to assist you in succeeding in todays challenging business environment.

MAUS Strategic Planning Software - Everything you need in one easy to use kit!

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Prepare stunning business plans & marketing plans in 50-90% of the time.

Top 3 reasons many of our customers invest in the Strategic Planning Pack;30day

1 - Detailed strategic plans for growth

2 - Working on the business (rather than in it) ie Understanding where you are now, and finding strategic opportunities to define your path forward.

3 - Unsure of how to create an effective business or marketing plan, and need the resources to train up, create, and implement the plan

The new MAUS Strategic Planning pack is simple to use and is aimed at saving you precious time. MAUS Strategic Planning pack is designed for people who need to create a professional and insightful business plan or marketing plan and need expert guidance to produce an effective plan. The award winning software has been mastered by over 20 years of ongoing development, and is created by acclaimed author and winner of the 1999 Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year award, Peter Hickey.

Perfect for small to medium business!

Less than 10% of strategies are successfully executed in the average business. The Business Planning bundle is the perfect tool for writing and implementing a business plan. Use MAUS MasterPlan to effortlessly create your plan. Then use MAUS Business Dashboard to keep your staff accountable while you focus on applying new strategies, goals and targets...


Step One - Mini MBA Interactive Learning

With the MAUS mini MBA

Learn how to increase profit, manage staff more effectively, provide improved customer service, think innovatively, become aware of risk, conduct more effective marketing activities, plan for exit and succession and much more.

This nationally recognised training program has been tailored to the current needs of business owners and managers. By covering nine relevant business topics the guide illustrates relevant major concepts from business theory and applies them to practical and easy to follow information.

Each topic includes information, resources, templates, videos, quizzes, interactive presentations, calculators, real life examples and diagnostics.

Step Two - Instantly Create you Strategic Plan

With MAUS Masterplan

Expert guidance every step of the way

MAUS MasterPlan business planning & marketing planning software will prompt you with ideas and suggestions and will demonstrate through real life examples how you can analyse your business and prepare successful strategies for the future. MAUS MasterPlan software uses a breakthrough, hassle free technology to guide you “step-by-step” through the planning process.

All the financials you need, automatically calculated for you

Free yourself from the tedious process of calculating and graphing your financials. MAUS MasterPlan makes it quick and easy to produce detailed statements and impressive graphs. Simply input your financials, and let the MAUS MasterPlan software do the rest. Your financial figures will feed through into profit and loss and cash flow statements, while also creating quality financial graphs including financial 5 year break-evens and cash flow forecasts.

Customise your plans based on your objectives

The range of plans available are ideal for bank loan applications right through to setting strategic direction while the financial wizard allows you to develop customised spreadsheets and conduct a 'what if' analysis on all your forecasts.

Includes MAUS Intelli-text technology to save you hours and hours

Sample text can be placed into your plan with the click of the button. Using exclusive Intelli-Text technology, the software virtually writes and customises the business plan for you.

Step Three - Implement your Strategic Plan

With MAUS Business Dashboard

MAUS Business Dashboard was developed as a tool to turn any small-to-medium sized businesses into a "high performance” organisation!

It is a simple to use web based (cloud or Saas) software application that contains the following modules.


KPI Dashboard Module: Manage any KPI in the business. Create dashboards for the business, division or employees..includes strategy as well KPI Review.


Document Management Module: Includes a document management system to publish your policies


Staff Planning Module: Includes a staff planning module that allows you to set weekly employee actions and goals.


Health & Safety Module: Includes a Health & Safety module that allows you to record, monitor and review safety issues


Try It Now
Download free version of Strategic Planning Pack today and understanding management strategies.
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Purchase Strategic Planning Pack today and get all the tools you need to run your business.

Strategic Planning Pack Professional

Professional Edition is ideal for a business who not only need to write Business & Marketing Plans, but also need to follow up the plans and track the performance of the Company & Employees Action. This pack includes MasterPlan, KPI Dashboard and Mini MBA.

Price: $999