Software solutions for

Consultants, advisors & accountants

When you partner with MAUS you take advantage of our 20 years of experience and our investment of millions of dollars in software, technology and best of breed methodologies. You can purchase our tools individually, in the form of Consultant’s packs which are preconfigured bundles, or join our accredited international network of business advisors. Please see below for all available options.

  1. MAUS Lead Generation Software

  2. MAUS Client Needs Analysis
    MAUS Proposal Writer
    MAUS Exit Planner Pro
    MAUS Financial Ratio Health Check
    MAUS Profit Builder
    MAUS Systems builder
    MAUS Value Enhancement Gap
    MAUS Appraisal and Valuation
    MAUS Consultant Navigator
    MAUS Masterplan (business plans)
    MAUS Policies & Procedures
  3. MAUS Advisory Board Software
    MAUS Exit & Succession Advisory Board Software
    MAUS Business Planning Consultants Pack
    MAUS Profit Improvement Consultants Pack
    MAUS “All in one: Complete Consultants Pack

  4. Full training, hand holding, leads & a killer business process and automated software.
    Join an international network of like-minded business advisors and consultants. Includes all MAUS advisory software and tools. If you want to setup a new consultancy or coaching business or add an advisory arm to your accounting practice then this is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to fastrack your practice