Company Timeline

  1. MAUS Business Systems established. The next ten years saw the staggered release of ten specialist yet affordable software programs (rrp $299) published (with the flagship product, Masterplan representing over 50% of sales).
  2. Over 60,000 businesses now benefit from using the step-by-step process software to implement and manage vital business processes. Products are exported to North America, Asia and the Middle East.
  3. MAUS acquired by a 4bn multi-national company, CCH Publishing.
  4. MAUS re-acquired by founder, Peter Hickey who set about introducing a range of additional, value-added services to further benefit small business and complement the range.
  5. Launch of Exit Planning software solution.
  6. Launch of Mini MBA program (later to achieve status as a Diploma of Management).
  7. Launch of MAUS Institute – Registered Training Organisation status achieved.
  8. National MAUS Accredited Business Coaches network expands to reach 80. Internationally respected body, the Exit Planning Institute in Chicago acknowledges MAUS as the No. 1 recommended software for their Certified Exit Planning Advisor Program.
  9. MAUS acquires the Your Business Success brand (popular ch. 9 small business show) and small business training range.
  10. Selected by a leading Malaysian university to provide MAUS new cloud platform solution for “Masters of Entrepreneurship” course 2012 – MAUS launches a nationally acclaimed successful seminar series providing workshops to the SME sector around the country.
  11. Positive affirmation from customers that have subscribed to the cloud based, KPI Dashboard solution… over 600 signups.
  12. MAUS now has the largest range of cloud business advisory & business management apps with the launch of Business Planning and Financial Ratio online.