Founders Story

Peter Hickey is a worldwide leading SME expert. He has been active in buying and selling businesses and has a passion for helping business owners achieve what he has achieved.

Peter was the founder of the brand MAUS in 1990. He successfully built the company from a one-man business to a multi-million dollar concern and sold it a multibillion dollar publisher.

Peter Hickey is a bestselling author and creator of a wide range of business tools published by MAUS. He wrote a bestselling book on Business Planning. He won the Ernst & Young NSW “Entrepreneur of the Year” award in 1999. He founded an educational division and authored a management training course that is now an accredited Executive Masters of Entrepreneurship run through one of the largest Universities in Asia.

Five years later at the bottom of the IT cycle, and as multi-nationals were divesting themselves of assets, Peter thought the timing was right and bought back the MAUS business. He has since acquired several other businesses to add to the portfolio. He founded a corporate advisory and an educational division. Peter has been active as an international consultant and trainer, providing his services to a large number of companies on four continents.