Press release: For immediate release. September 12 2016, London, UK

Peter Hickey, CEO of MAUS Business Systems was thrilled with the adoption and progress of the current MAUS Accountant users in the UK. Peter in conjunction with David Blair DBA Associates, have just completed a three day training and information session at the prestigious Oxford Cambridge Club in London.

UK 2

In attendance were some of the UK’s leading Accounting firms including Dodd & Co, Hawsons Chartered Accountants, Derek Blair from Pinkham Chartered Accountants as well as one of the fastest growing financial management businesses, EFM, jointly founded by experienced Financial Director, Gary Jesson.

Left to right: Peter Hickey, David Blair, Gary Jesson

Gary Jesson is the Group MD and co-founder of EFM, a team of financial directors and business advisors providing innovative financial management solutions to hundreds of growing businesses across the UK. With over 30 years of accounting experience, Gary leads companies through difficult times while providing them with his cost-effective expertise as Financial Director.

David Blair is one of the UK’s leading specialist advisors to early-stage technology and biotechnology companies. As the founder and CEO of DBA Group, Blair along with his team provide tailored packages of integrated operational and strategic financial management services to businesses that require the skillset and experience of senior finance professionals. Blair is the proud winner of the platinum award in the national UK Enterprise Support Awards category for “Best Business Owner and Supporter of Other Enterprise Owners”.





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