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The MAUS Accredited Partner Program is perfect if you want to setup a new consultancy or coaching business, or add an advisory arm to your accounting practice. The MAUS consultancy model is the fastest, easiest and most profitable way to fastrack your practice. We offer MORE than the franchises, while NOT taking royalties, commissions, or restricting your geographical footprint.

Our popular Accredited Partner Program includes the following:

Accreditation and training as a respected advisor by MAUS (MAUS is an RTO)
State of the art marketing and lead generation tools to win more clients.
Advisory Board – Join a network of like minded people to boost your credibility.
Software based audits / analysis / planning tools – automate and systemize your processes. Guarantee quality.
Best of breed methodologies – supported by professionally designed collateral, software and client hand outs.
Value adds for clients – Resources costing millions to develop, including MBA course, TV production quality training videos, calculators, 100’s of educational articles…. All packaged up for you either online, or in PowerPoint presentations.
Turbo charge your first few months – training, mentoring, confidence building, proven client acquisition models and telemarketing scripts.
Forget being restricted by expensive business advisory franchise’s, become a MAUS certified consultant.

MAUS Accredited Partner Program – Summary:

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“I have been working as an Accountant advising SME’s for over 20 years. I have been searching for a program that brings everything together for us as Advisors to implement and execute with SME’s. [This program] does it for us”.
Mike Crowley, Mike Crowley & Assoc.stars

“How to establish a highly profitable coaching, consulting & advisory practice”

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You will discover what the hot segments are and how you can develop a program to take advantage of this…..all absolutely FREE. We open the bonnet to the knowledge that we have gained from working in the consulting, coaching and advisory forum for the last 20 years. We will send you the free 64 page eBook plus information that will outline how you can start or expand your coaching or consulting business using a simple methodology that you can deploy yourself. The ebook will explain the art of winning new clients and leveraging a profitable practice.

Free Consulting-Advisory-coaching-Ebook

Instant, FREE access to ebook
Free software demonstration video, software sample and brochure

MAUS certified training and confidence building

4-day intense face to face certification training

This course is designed as a four day course to teach you the fundamental skills to establish a profitable consultancy and to also build your confidence – read to go out there and win new clients! Whether you are new to consultancy or an established consultancy looking to expand your practice then this course is perfect.

Summary of Topics Covered
How to win profitable new clients
Is it possible as a coach/consultant to make my client a million dollars?
How to make sure your business is structured for profit.
Understanding why your business could fail.

Lead generation and marketing processes
How to get leads into your business.
How to convert a lead to a meeting.
How to convert a client meeting to an assignment.
How to use the internet to generate leads for me.
How to contact your customers every 20 days even if you are on holidays.

Secrets of a profitable practice
How to setup a coaching and consulting business.
How much you should charge a client.
How to charge your client on value not on hourly rates.
How to create recurring revenue in your practice.
What are the 5 greatest mistakes that most consultants make?
Difference between coaching and consulting and how it can add profit to your practice.
Understanding the secret systems that define a successful practice from an unsuccessful practice.
How to use the exit strategy as a means of building profit in your coaching business.

“There is nothing else on the market that provides the amount of content and resources in an easy to use format.”
David Lin, Apex Pacificstars

Monthly Mentoring and updates

Every month MAUS will invite you to a monthly get together on the phone, along with the rest of the MAUS Accredited Partner network. Here we discuss ‘war stories’, the successes, obstacles and opportunities that have arisen in the market. This is an invaluable experience to stay up to date and ahead of the game.

In addition, MAUS will run through a mentoring session on this monthly catch up. See below for a sample of this.

Winning new clients:

Feedback from attendees


I have been working as an Accountant advising SME’s for over 20 years. I have been searching for a program that brings everything together for us as Advisors to implement and execute with SME’s. [This program] does it for us”.

Mike Crowley, Mike Crowley & Assoc.

What people have said about the MAUS training courses:
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 Proven and Sustainable Lead Generation

Imagine having immediate access to lead generation tools that have been tested and developed over 20 years, at a cost in the millions of dollars! As a MAUS Accredited Partner, you have access to a wide range of lead generation tools. These tools are designed to enhance our credibility and sense of professionalism.

All your marketing tools are customised with your picture, logos, company name, contact details and specialisations. MAUS takes care of the maintenance, development, hosting and security costs, while you get all the credit!

Lead generation tools include;
Telemarketing Scripts – proven and tested.
Online audits and diagnostics.
Online business calculators.
5 promotional videos, including “why engage a certified MAUS business consultant”.
Mini MBA educational newsletter series – 72 newsletters.
4 ebooks covering business planning, exit planning and more.
Your Business Success program – everything you need to land partnership deals with influencers.

Sample online Audit – try it for yourself

High Performance businesses have a greater level of profit and create more value for all shareholders. They are also less stressful to manage, leverage and grow.. This questionnaire will take less than 7 minutes to run and determine whether you have the basic “high performance” strategic and operational framework in place to be successful. It is based on the 7 step process developed by MAUS Business Systems that is contained within the – Your business Success program.

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High Perforamacne Banner

Sample Promotional Videos

The below video can be placed on your website, or played at a seminar. It summarises why a prospect should only hire a MAUS Accredited business advisor.

The below video can be placed on your website or played at a seminar. It summarises the benefits of the MAUS Hub cloud based management system. By becoming a MAUS Accredited Partner, you can actually give your clients access to this software to implement internally. Imagine the competitive advantage you will have by offering this as part of your ongoing services and fees.

Advisory Board and the MAUS Network

Leverage your business through a netowrk of advisors

The MAUS Advisory Board is a structured approach to providing your clients strategic advice and mentoring for growth. The MAUS Advisory Board allows you to easily create a formalised structure for a regular monthly or quarterly meeting with business owners and or shareholders. The goal is to provide your clients with accountability, insight and brand value.

The benefit for you is a value based charging model which is highly profitable. With the MAUS Advisory Board structure, you are provided with 1000’s of resources to offer clients and provide unbeatable value and structure.

Perhaps one of the most important aspects of making the Advisory Board Such a success is the MAUS Network of business advisors. There is a rich variety of skills which provide partnership opportunities. The MAUS Network contains:
Independent consultants
Cyber Security Specialists
HR specialists
Health & Safety Specialists
Business Brokers (Exit and Succession)
University Professors
And much much more

Benefits to your client

advisory board benefits

Simple 7 step Client Structure – Ready to Deliver Today!

The MAUS Advisory Board Program is designed with a simple 7 step methodology your clients can follow to create a higher performing business. It promotes;

Profit and value enhancement – high performance business culture.
Clear direction (business, personal and exit)  – less stress; more certainty and control.
Staff accountability at all levels – high staff engagement and morale.
Strong platform for growth – business systems and automation.

7 steps orange

Determine where you are now what you wish to achieve over a selected time frame: Include business/exit/personal goals. What are your high-level strategies?

Review the success factors of the business and translate these into strategic goals. Start with your customer success factors and then review the other areas of your operations.

Review each of the strategic goals in the previous section and think through what you need to do to achieve this goal. Create a 90-day action plan and key milestones with dates and accountability.

Each month, review your business performance and your strategy. Adapt your Business Plan to changing circumstances.

“Tidy-up the business” and develop the systems and workflow to help execute strategies that ensure the business is not totally reliant upon the owners.

Align employee goals and targets with the company and then set in play a system to motivate and engage employees through consistent communication and accountability systems.

Ensure the long-term success of the program through continual top-level support and continual reinforcement of the system.

MAUS Consultancy Software

Why re-invent the wheel?

MAUS Consultant software is a premium business advisory toolkit and in an invaluable asset to any business advisor. The software allows you to identify the gaps in your clients business, and also produce professional action plans that give you a more structured workflow. MAUS software is made up of over 25 different modules that you can use during the client engagement process. This is designed to save you having to re-invent the wheel, in turn saving you hours of ground work and producing credible, professional documents every single time! It is the amalgamation of over 20 years worth of expert product development, all within one simple to use Advisory Platform.

MAUS Software automates the systems and structure that you will be trained on. You do not need to resell your clients the software, it is instead an automated ‘back end’ of your business. Almost like you have employed a few staff to do the legwork for you!

Software that automates and systemises all aspects of your practice.


Instantly create professional reports your clients will love

MAUS Financial Ratios software

It used to take months to accurately assess and generate documentation of your clients’ business. Now it will take you minutes. In 15 minutes you can engage your client with a structured set of questions that are easy to understand and simple to answer. MAUS Consultant’s Navigator software will do the rest; click a button to automatically generate a professional report that includes a gap analysis and action plan for your client.


MS Word Integration

MAUS software is fully integrated with Microsoft Office functionality. All the reports can be exported into word files for you to brand and customise. This means your reports are 100% white labelled.

A complete “Business Advisory” cloud software platform…starting $199 a month!

The MAUS HUB is an award winning cloud based software platform. It will provide your consultancy and advisory practice with an instant competitive advantage. It includes the largest range of advisory modules in one interactive platform.

MAUS HUB – Virtual CFO
MAUS HUB – KPI Dashboard & Project Management
MAUS HUB – Accounting Data
MAUS HUB – Strategic Planning
MAUS HUB – Exit & Succession Planning
MAUS HUB – Client Needs Analysis
MAUS HUB – Document Management & Systems
MAUS HUB – Valuation Gap Analysis
MAUS HUB – and more…

The #1 suite of business advisory tools

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Winner ‘Best Software Product’

“In my opinion, MAUS HUB offers a one-stop-shop solution – great management system and superb management support.”
Iris Brito, Live & Learn Environmental Education


Best of Breed Methodologies

Build a Profitable Practice

The MAUS methodologies have a focus on value based costing – designed to provide exceptional value to the client, while being extremely profitable to the consultant.

Benefits to your clients

Instantly clean up your clients’ business:

The Dashboard has a document management system that will help to get your client organised. Upload their policies and procedures, sick leave, expense, commission and other critical documents to a central repository.

Align everyone in the company with the business goals:

The one page scorecard framework allows you to identify the key drivers of the organisation and then drill down to employees.

Strategy Execution:

The product has weekly planning, monthly planning and project planning modules that ensure strategies are executed.

High Performance Business:

Your clients’ will access state of the art systems to enhance staff accountability, profitability, systems, and build toward potential exit.

Benefits to your practice

The Dashboard will become the most powerful tool in your consulting arsenal. It will help you to:-

Build your confidence as a consultant.

Structure the way you engage your clients and perfect it over time as your confidence builds. The Hub will automatically create powerful PowerPoint presentations for these monthly/quarterly meetings that combines client strategy and business performance into a simple presentation.

 Create a Recurring Revenue Stream:

It turns a “one on one” client engagement into a monthly recurring revenue stream creating structure to your monthly client meetings.

Justify your ongoing fees:

Exponentially increase the professional systems, resources and templates that you deliver to clients as part of your services.


Stand out from the Crowd

Stand out from the crowd by offering affordable consultancy services, supported by world leading software and systems, that help your client GET THINGS DONE! Consider that less than 10% of strategies are successfully implemented and 70% of CEO failures are a result of poor execution. This is particularly true for small to medium sized businesses.

Aquisition Funnel

Simple methodologies for All your Client Needs

It is recommended when engaging a client to start with the all encompassing 7-step Your Business Success program. To deliver this structured approach MAUS recommends that you establish a monthly accountability meeting by setting up an Advisory Board. You can accelerate your income by guiding your clients though supplementary ‘drill down’ programs that focus on specific elements of your clients business.These include:

Your Business Success – Implement the “Your Business Success” program and project manage through an Advisory Board (“One on One”).
Profit Max – Implement a Profit Improvement program (Strategic plan, unlock trapped cash).
Exit max – Preparing the Business for sale Exit & succession planning.
People max – Maximising people performance.
Team Max – Maximising team performance.
CEO Max – Implement the “Your Business Success” program and project manage through an Advisory Board (“Groups of CEO’s”).
Systems Max – improve systems and processes.

What clients have said – Simple Success methodology with stunning results!

Implementing our systems will deliver stunning results for your clients. Our proven 7-Step Process locks in performance improvements at each stage that add up dramatic improvements to the bottom line. And because our consulting software is wrapped into the system it makes it simple for your clients to implement. Help your clients and build a monthly business advisory fee.

What client’s have said. See some fantastic testimonials click here!

You could be our next consultant to earn such a fantastic review.

Rich Resources to Value Add your Services

Training Programs

MAUS has many training programs you can run through with your clients staff. This can prove to be a fantasic value add on top of your monthly fees. You can also use these as seminars to generate leads and win new clients:

High Performance Business Tips
Create effective KPI & monitoring systems
The importance of an exit an succession plan
Marketing Strategies
Business Strategies
Exit & Succession Planning
Risk Analysis
Customer Strategies
Profit Strategies
Employee Strategies
Sales Strategies
Innovation Strategies

Business videos and articles

Over 2000 pages of business articles available for you and your clients!

Some article headings that are available include:
Working as a team to create a successful business.
80-20 rule of customer buying.
Analysis techniques for financial management.
What are KPIs and why do you need them?
Adopting stock purchasing and control procedures.
Advertising and marketing tips.
Looking in the crystal ball – forecasting cash flow.
Are you ready to run a franchise?
Are your interviewing skills letting you down?
Know your target market.
What makes you unique?

Client Templates

100’s of business templates are availabel for you to use with your clients
Some templates that are available include:

Business Start-Up Cash Needs Form.
Sample Task Inventory Form (OHS).
Advertising vs. Sales Sheet.
Sample non-conformance report – QA ISO 9001:2008.
Sample contract review action minutes template – QA ISO 9001:2008.
Sample QA Policy – Product Design and Development.
Sample Task Inventory Form (OHS).
Sample Plumbing SWMS.
Creating a KPI action checklist.
Sample Public Relations release.

Client Diagnostics

Business Health Check.
Client Needs Analysis Review.
Exit Planning 22 step value builder.
Financial Ratio health check.
High Performance Business.
HR and people Quiz.
Personal Readiness Index for exit and succession.
Profit improvement builder.
Systems and process audit.
Threat & Opportunity Analysis.

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