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What is a business Plan?

First of all, a business plan is a way of documenting the planning process. It helps you identify areas of strength and weakness, highlighting items that might normally be overlooked or ignored, and also stops problems from occurring before they arise.

In addition, a finished business plan becomes an operating tool that will help you manage your business and work towards its success. The completed plan is your main tool for communicating your ideas to others such as business people, bankers and partners. If you need finance for your business, then the plan becomes the basis for your loan application.


What are the benefits of a business plan?

As a result of finishing a business plan, you will notice some key benefits to your business. These may include;

  • Profit & value enhancement
  • Outlining a clear business direction (Business, Personal & Exit)
  • Staff accountability at all levels, especially relevant if you include staff in the planning process
  • Business systemisation and automation
  • And finally working less hours in the business, and therefore spending more hours working on the business.


How can you create a business plan quickly and easily?

MAUS offers a product called MasterPlan that will write the core of your business quickly and easily. Firstly, input your financials. Then customise the sample text. Finally click a button to generate your plan. click here to view this tool.

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