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15 Brilliant Business Apps



MAUS are proud to offer a tailored business solution system for all business owners who are looking to improve productivity and increase efficiency.
Whether you’re a small business who are just starting out, or a larger SME trying to contain all facets of their operations in one cloud-based system, our Small Business Pack will help you work smarter, rather than hard, and improve your processes.

Some features of the pack:

Business planning strategy tools to help develop plans and stay accountable
Human resource tools to help attain, develop and retain key quality staff
Templates to help you develop HR Policies that adhere to current Australian Legislative Standards
All integrated within one cloud-based hub for flexibility and accessibility

Build a high performance business using these
15 Brilliant Business Apps

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The #1 reason for failure for CEOs, Business Owners & Managers is lack of systems and accountability

The MAUS Hub is a suite of integrated software modules designed to help any business improve its ability to implement, align and communicate strategies.

Consider that less than 10% of strategies are successfully implemented and 70% of CEO failures are a result of poor execution. This is particularly true for small to medium sized businesses. MAUS Hub is designed to turn any business into a “high performance” organisation!

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“In my opinion, MAUS Hub offers a one-stop-shop solution – great management system and superb management support.”
Iris Brito, Live & Learn Environmental Education


Also includes optional link to Xero and QuickBooks Accounting Software

MAUS Business Systems Credibility

MAUS Business Systems Credibility

All MAUS software is now fully cloud based and available as a complete integrated management suite

Choose from any or all of the following modules below:

Strategy & Financial Modules

 MAUS MasterPlan

With the business planning module you can quickly and effectively create professional business and marketing plans for your clients. Seamlessly build an action plan of milestones and KPI’s to ensure your client will follow up the plan. One of the biggest problems a business will face when creating a business plan is a lack of systems and accountability to implement it into the business. The MAUS Hub gives you the system you need to ensure your staff are accountable to the goals and milestones you set. This is a development of the MAUS MasterPlan desktop version, which has sold to over 60,000 customers.

 MAUS KPI Dashboard

Align and monitor business strategies. The one page KPI (Key Performance Indicator) snapshot includes financial and non-financial KPI’s which are fully customisable to reflect your business strategy and model. This enables a monthly review of your strategy execution, successes and obstacles.

 MAUS Virtual CFO Pro

MAUS Virtual CFO Software is the perfect tool for performing a comprehensive financial health audit on your clients business in minutes rather than hours. This tool provides you with a structured process to analyse your clients’ business and provide a detailed client financial health check report.

Exit & Succession Planning

Our Exit and Succession Planning Solution is aligned with leading EPI and Materplan Ideologies. ValueMax and ValueGap Analysis. Exit Attractiveness and Personal Readiness. These modules will allow you to assess business value and your own personal readiness in order to successfully accomplish your business exit and succession strategy.

Human Resource & Policies Modules

MAUS Job Descriptions

MAUS Job Descriptions software is the easiest, quickest and most effective method of creating job descriptions for your employees. It gives you the ability to create consistent detailed outlines of employee responsibilities and roles, educational requirements, work environment and other necessary job knowledge quickly and simply!

 MAUS HR Policies

MAUS Policies and Procedures manual has been developed and reviewed for over 15 years making it a highly relevant and professional solution to formalise your company policies. The new MAUS Policies & Procedures Software now incorporates procedures, workflow documents and business forms into one comprehensive reference manual.

MAUS Performance Review

MAUS Performance review software will generate fully formatted employee reviews in half the time. Our exclusive Intelli-text technology automatically creates your performance review in a clear and natural manner. Simply move a slider along a scale of 1 to 5 to rate your employee on a particular skill or competency. Depending on what rating you chose, Intelli-text automatically inserts on the review document.

Operations Manual

easily create leading Operational Policies and Procedures. Save 50-90% of the time creating effective Policy manuals. Utilize over 90 fully customizable templates aligned to leading regulatory and legal standards. Use ISO Version Control and Employee Compliance to maximize the reach of your policies system.

HR Profiler

Perform Psychometric Evaluations to determine a potential candidate’s fit to a job. These include Literacy, Numeracy and Personality analysis.

 Weekly Goal Planner

Allows you to plan your staff’s weekly tasks and keep them accountable for performance. You can use Staff Planner in conjunction with KPI Dashboard to help keep staff accountable for meeting KPIs.

 Company Logbook

Easily record and manage employee absences and upload medical documents. Employees can request leave and send an electronic notification to inform managers for approval.

Compliance Modules

Quality Assurance

Quality assurance software by MAUS will help you instantly create a QA manual (management system) based on the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards in minutes. MAUS quality assurance software instantly creates a QA system for tenders, contracts and ISO 9001 certification. MAUS quality assurance software has over 100+ sample quality policy templates and quality forms based on ISO 9001 certification standards.

 Health & Safety Management System

With advanced web-based capabilities, you have full confidence knowing everyone is working on the same page and employee responsibilities can be accountable with unique user log in access and automatic notifications via email. Easily navigate through each of the modules and brand the system with your business and logo on the home screen. The MAUS Health & Safety Management Software interface displays core modules on a grid of tiles. It improves user experience on tablet computers and touchscreen devices as the primary means of launching applications.

Training & Incident Register

Access for WHS/OHS Injury Register. MAUS Incident Manager was developed as a streamlined approach to accurately and efficiently log all incidents.


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