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Thank you for your enquiry into our business in a box for consultants. If you’re looking to take your consultancy practice to the next level, or even start from scratch, then this kit is perfect for you.

Our pack consists of two software platforms that will show you how to earn $15-$30k in annual client fees and equip you with all the tools, forms and resources to get started with a bang!

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Consultancy Business In A Box Walkthrough

Video Training Program

Start Offering A Structured Advisory Service

The consultancy business in a box will blow you away with the quality and amount that you receive. There is such a vast range of resources and tools that will help you take your advisory business to the next level. From sample client proposals, to video seminars from industry leading experts and software to help structure and automate the initial client engagement.


Create Professional Reports Your Clients Will Love

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MAUS Client Needs Analysis

Structure the way you work and automatically produce stunning reports that will impress every time!

Perfect tool forperforming an initial audit of your clients business in minutes rather than an hour.

This tool provides you with a structured process to analyse your clients’ business and provide a detailed client needs analysis and proposal report.


Client Needs Analysis Sample Report

MAUS Profit Builder

Create a return on investment proposition to convert prospects.

Wow your clients about how much profit, revenue and cash you can unlock.

Let your clients see how small improvements combine to equal big benefits.

Profit Builder Sample Report


What’s Included?

Complete Coaching Program

 A proven 7 step system you can use with clients.

  • Includes a 165pg interactive colour workbook
  • Professional Coaching Program Videos:
    Boost Juice Case Study, Budget Planning,Cashflow Management, Exit Options, Market Research, Risk Management, Sales Processes, and much more…
  • Coaching Program Diagnostics and Tips
    – Business Diagnostics
    – High Performance Business Quiz
    – High Performance Business Tips.


Video Education

 Over 8 hours of practical educational videos:

  • Benefits of Hiring a Consultant
  • Coaching vs Consulting, charge rates
  • Consultancy Fundamentals & business model
  • Effective Lead Generation
  • Emotional Trigger Points for Advisors
  • Winning Profitable Clients



Consultancy Toolbox

 A complete toolbox of resources to use in your practice and with clients including:

  • Business Model
  • Client Diagnostics
  • Client Proposals
  • Client Tools
  • Driving Your Business
  • HR Tools
  • Calculators
  • Practice Development
  • Sample eBooks
  • Selling & Winning Clients
  • Strategic Audit Tools

Cloud Software Tools

MAUS Client Needs Analysis software

  • Goals, Pain Points, High Performance Business, 30 question checklist.
  • Generate Unlimited Client Reports (Fair Use)
MAUS Profit Builder software

  • Profit Builder Scenario
  • Revenue Builder Scenario
  • Cashflow Builder Scenario and
  • Generate Unlimited Client Reports (Fair Use)