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Using Feng Shui to woo customers

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Feel as if you are doing everything possible to boost your bottom line but it remains stagnant? Well, it may be time to ask yourself some important business questions. 1. Are you leaving your toilet seat up? 2. Is...

Using humour to make a sale

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How important is a good sense of humour to your sales success? The answer to that lies in the old entertainment adage, "funny is money." That is not to imply that you should be loud, raucous, insensitive, bawdy or ...

Using text & colour on the Web

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Regardless of who is designing your Web site, there are certain design considerations you need to know BEFORE your site is created, such as text and colour considerations. This will save you time and money in the l...

Using your head to sell

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It’s not enough just to sell anymore. Now every potential client is looking for a few creative ideas to go with your sales pitch. Most of us don’t associate the word “creative” with “selling.” For some, “creative” ...

Using your head to sell smarter, not harder

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Considering a sloppy approach to sales spells disaster for many small businesses, it is surprising just how many salespeople there are who lack the preparation and skills necessary to sell. Approaching customers wi...

What are KPIs and why do you need them?

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What are KPIs? Key Performance Indicators, or KPIs, are statistics based on crucial aspects of a business against which other relevant statistics, or figures, can be measured. They allow business people to make ...

What are online customer concerns?

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Security and privacy are at the top of the list when it comes to customer concerns about going online and using their credit cards. Of course, it is up to you to address these concerns. The way to do this is to know w...

What are the common mistakes to avoid when starting a business?

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It is a good idea have at least one external mentor who you can turn to from time-to-time to get second opinions on your strategies and directions. This is particularly useful as they don't work in your business an...

What are the different types of business costs?

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An accurate costing system can improve your business by identifying your most profitable products and services. By determining which revenue streams may be costing you more than the revenue generated, you can then ...

What are the major risks to your business?

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The three main business risk categories are fire, crime and health and safety. Each of these categories comes with a myriad of associated risks. Using the information below, you should be able to create your own ac...