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Make meetings more effective by creating an action plan

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Successful Businesses hold regular meetings to keep the communication going. Meetings are high quality and provide an excellent framework to discuss impending priorities and actions.    

Agree with staff what to do and make sure it happens

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If you have the right people and not getting what you want from them is because they do not know what is expected from them and their job tasks. You need to make sure the staff understand the structure in place and wh...

Turn your 60 page business plan into a one page document

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Doubling a business is a realistic goal and planning is useful for this process. For each area of the business brake down the plan into a simple one page plan.  

If a question has to be asked write a set of procedures

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Developing a company vision and clear goals will take the business forward.Having a system in place retains all information incase a key staff member moves on from the company.    

Advice on Job Descriptions

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Job descriptions should not so much focus on staff. It should explain to staff how they should perform and that is going to be measured. When staff understand the expectation then they can understand how they go about...

Advice on logging customer service issues

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Customer service is everyone's business.    

Advice on logging operational issues

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Creating a log of operational issues will improve your efficiency and accountability

What gets measured gets done

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Every business needs to measure everything from marketing to customer. Try to get a picture of exactly what is happening with in the business as best as you can.

Advice on policies and procedures

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You should sit down and identify everything you do in a business and document it so the concept is that if you are not there someone else can step in and take over. The reason you need to document procedures is to ens...

Managing Staff

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Each employee should be supplied with an induction manual about the business to discuss the values,cultures and history of the business. Communication is a key factor when it comes to employees. The more you communica...