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Sample Plumbing SWMS

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Below is a Safe Work Method Statement (SWMS) suitable for Plumbers  Click Here Can’t find what you need? Simply create your own SWMS using the MAUS Health & Safety Hub For more information please click here 

Google Adwords & SEO

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  Updated: January 2013 Driving traffic to your website It can take lots of time, money and resources to optimize your website to rank highly against keywords. There may be literally thousands of keywords you ...

Managing Customers

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Advice on customer satisfaction, compensation plan and relationship building with customers.

Your company image and trade shows

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At a trade show, company image is reflected in booth design but depends to a large extent on your employees. The quality of the people you choose to man your booths will determine the degree of its effectiveness. T...

Write a personal letter

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Few marketing strategies have the power of a personal letter. Just like a letter from a favourite relative, your personal letter has the power to practically jump out of the stack of mail at your prospect. Personal...

Working as a team to create a successful business

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Teams, in one form or the other, are often at the heart of many businesses. The ability of a team of employees that can work together and complement one another, can often make or break a business. This is why know...

Work relationships and good management

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  It's not always easy to know where to draw the line between being a friendly boss and being a "friend" in the workplace. In order to effectively lead, there must be a distinction between yourself and other e...

Words of wisdom

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Ever had "one of those days"? Here are some tips that will help you avoid becoming entangled in "no-win" situations and put a more positive spin on life. Clean up your vocabulary. Get rid of the words “can’t” and “...

Women on life, careers and money

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Operating a new company can be a challenge which Lyn Scott found out the hard way. Lyn started out as a teacher but she and her husband bought a run-down furniture company because he thought "she could do with a ch...

Winning traits

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Here we take a look at some of the traits of a winner. Persistence, genuine enthusiasm, a desire to help others, the ability to maintain momentum when on a roll, the guts to bounce back from rejection, and when it ...