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Why Business Owners Should have an Exit Plan

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The main reason business owners should have an exit plan. the responsibility and the affect it has on you and the company.

Successful marketing for Toyota

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Marketing used to be more of an artistic process than a scientific one. The toyota kluger has put a whole new spin on this, promoting their ultimate family SUV. They performed extensive market research to deliver a pr...

Author advice on pitching

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Ian Elliot works with companies to help them pitch. To him, the only reason you may lose out on a sale is because you were not good enough at pitching. A good pitch at the beginning is understanding the customer as mu...

Advice to hidden valley cabins

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Heritage Tea Rooms joined Townsville Enterprise as they didn't know any contacts. They then changed their menu seven times to suit their changing customers and the changing needs of their customers. If you want to cha...

Success story of MYOB

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MYOB have experienced great success. By increasing the number of support staff, running training centres all around the world, and doing their best to make the software as is easy to use for their customers (lets face...

Recruitment success

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In business you need to add value to everything you do. Do not accept mediocrity. Encourage 2 way communication and develop good leadership. Consider things like group training organisations and interfacing with recru...

Advice on people management

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People can often to tasks as well as or better than the business owner. Ff you have the right people and are not getting what you want from them, this is because they do not know what is expected form them and their j...

Goal setting

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Tip: Have your goals written down on papper that you have in your office. Writing goals make them seem real. Brainstorm your goals, and be unique to offer something that no one else offers. The full version for thi...

Advice on succession plan

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Make sure guidelines, principles, policies and procedures, and other business knowledge is all documented, or risk your business tearing apart! Consider the plan for the business going forward, and talk to the next ge...

Advice on growing a business

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The important thing at the end of the day is that you have to know your market. You need to manage your cash flow right, if not managed you can risk failure. Have good people around that can make your life easier. it ...