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Calculating car parking fringe benefits

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Car parking provided by an employer to an employee (or associate) is subject to FBT. FBT applies to car parking where one of the following benefits is provided: a car parking fringe benefit; or an eligible car p...

What are the different types of business costs?

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An accurate costing system can improve your business by identifying your most profitable products and services. By determining which revenue streams may be costing you more than the revenue generated, you can then ...

Adopting stock purchasing and control procedures

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When buying stock there are two crucial components. Firstly, you must have a system in place so you are fully aware of the stock you need to replace and methods to predict when stock may diminish. Secondly, it is vita...

Maintaining good relationships with your suppliers

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It is often a good business practice to maintain a good rapport with your suppliers. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your supplier will, in most cases, benefit both parties financially, but it is what the supp...

Assessing entertainment fringe benefits

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Entertainment provided to an employee (or associate) by an employer or a related party is subject to FBT. Entertainment of non-employee's (eg. clients) is not subject to FBT, but is most likely non-tax deductible. The...

The Coaching Vs Consulting Secret – Whiteboard Series

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Here is a short segment from the Whiteboard Become a Coach series with advice from best selling author and founder of MAUS Peter Hickey. What is the Coaching vs Consulting secret?

Creating a KPI action checklist

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This section provides some strategies which might help improve your firm's performance. The lists do not cover all objectives, or all options, but may help show some suitable techniques. While reviewing this materi...

10-30-60 marketing rule

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People often want to know how much they should spend on marketing. There is no standard answer, but there are some good rules of thumb you can use. The 10-30-60 Marketing Rule says to spend 10 per cent of your adve...

How to choose and maintain supplier relationships

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As a business, you will depend on the sale of your products/services as your livelihood. It will be your suppliers who will provide you with those products. As a result, it is important to make sure you have a good re...

Do you have to pay your employees overtime?

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Awards or Agreements will usually stipulate that "ordinary hours" consists of a certain number of hours that can be worked on any one day and the "spread" of hours between which these ordinary hours can be worked if t...