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How to get rich quick

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A young man asked an old, rich man how he made his money. The old guy fingered his worsted wool vest and said, “Well, son, it was 1932. The depth of the Great Depression. I was down to my last five cents. “I inv...

How to handle orders and returns

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  Online customers will rarely have the opportunity to try before they buy. For businesses selling goods online this can mean a high level of returns or exchanges. This is the nature of the beast when it co...

How to keep control of your stock

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For a business, stock control is a vitally important aspect of business and it does play a part in the day-to-day operations of your company. Supplies of materials and goods are never assured and production may be int...

How to keep electronic records

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Every business is required to maintain relevant and secure records. Details pertaining to your normal business transactions have to be kept for five years to comply with tax regulations. Records relating to the initia...

How to make your Web site “sticky”

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Any strategy which ensures that a visitor stays within your site can be said to increase the site's "stickiness". The stickier the site, the more you increase your chances of raising revenue from it. Likewise, stra...

How to promote your business

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Sales promotion will attract new customers and clients and keep present ones, counteract competition, and take advantage of opportunities revealed by your market research. Your promotional activities may include an...

How to raise finances and budget for your Web site

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As with any new business venture, if you do not already have sufficient capital to make the changes you will need to find the money. Money can be raised through various means, such as borrowing from family and frie...

How to raise money for your franchise

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To understand where you can go to acquire the necessary capital to start, better manage, or expand your venture, you must first become acquainted with the various types of money available, how it is generated, and in ...

How to share out the profit cake

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People are in business to make a profit. The question remains how best to access those profits? At the end of each financial year, or better still, just before the end of each financial year, you should make a decisio...

How to start a business

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Research Your Business Idea Your first step in starting your own business is to make sure that your business idea is a viable one. You'll need to conduct extensive market research on all aspects of the industry you...