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What are your options in resolving a dispute?

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Unfortunately, there may come a time where a business dispute will arise. This can be a dispute with a customer or supplier, including contractual disputes through to problems with business associates, banks or even l...

What customers do and don’t want

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It is difficult to say what customers want because they are all individuals, but what you can find out is what they expect. There is always a certain level of service a customer will expect. Their expectations are ...

What do you want to achieve online?

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Your first and most crucial task before going online is to identify what you want to achieve. Unless you have carefully thought this through, you will expend a large amount of time and money on unnecessary areas. T...

What does and doesn’t sell online

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Look at your products Before you create your Web site, you must have something to offer your customers. Unfortunately, selling online is not as simple as merely offering your existing products and services on your ...

What factors do you need to consider when going online?

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Because going online means you will be working in an unfamiliar environment and with new customers, you have to work out what changes and adjustments you will need to make to your business operations. Assessing eve...

What is a franchise operations manual?

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The operating manual furnished by most companies will provide you with the knowledge you need to operate that business. It’s a good reference book for you as it establishes the rules, standards and specifications rega...

What is linking and framing?

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Links are a fundamental thread to the Internet and the way users find information. Without links, it would be difficult to navigate your way through the masses of information stored on the Internet. Links are a use...

What makes a good customer?

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We all know that the "customer is always right" but few business owners realise that there are customers that are just wrong. They are wrong because, believe it or not, they can actually harm your business while doing...

What makes you unique?

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When it comes to marketing, the most important thing you can do is to work out what makes you special and then focus on this to promote your business. Look for that crucial element that encourages your customer to ...

What not to say to customers

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Five things you and your employees should never say to a customer: "It's been so crazy/busy around here." Often used as an excuse for a delay or mistake, it may leave your customers wondering whether you're too bus...