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Helpful business tips

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Take notes Note-taking demonstrates that you’re listening carefully. A few prospects may feel uncomfortable about note-taking and will appreciate your courtesy in asking for permission. If they do not give yo...

Handling disputes between the franchisee and franchisor

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Extensive studies have revealed that a large percentage of disputes that arise between franchisor and franchisee occur over the same stages of what has become known as the ‘E’ Factor – a simulated model which identifi...

Getting great business ideas

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Every now and then business starts to slow down, or a new product won't take off, or things just start to get boring. You feel like a new marketing idea could pick things up. Don't try to come up with hot new mark...

Get the most out of your home page

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Treat your home page as you would your number one sales rep. This home page and its contents are going to make or break your Web site's sales. The home page should be the beginning of the sales journey. Depending o...

Get more traffic with reciprocal links

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One of the best low-cost ways to promote your site is to get other sites to link to yours. While it sounds simple, reciprocal linking can be a challenge. Look for smaller sites that attract customers like yours. Th...

Get banners that work

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The latest figures show Internet ad banners now only get about one person in 100 to click on them and go to the advertiser’s site. That is not nearly as good as banners once did, but it is right in line with the respo...

Four ways to increase Web site traffic

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Face it, the novelty of launching a Web site has worn off. Teenagers in homes and schools across the country are developing their own Web sites as you read this article. Simply owning a Web site is no big deal any mor...

Following the Franchising Fortune

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When American salesman Ray Kroc mortgaged his home and invested his life savings to go on the road selling milkshake makers, little did he know his encounter with two restauranteurs would see the creation of one of th...

Finishing with fraud

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Fraud can be a major blow to a business if you don't have an adequate system of internal controls. Apart from fraud related to cheques, criminals also have other ways of defrauding you. To prevent your business bei...

Facing the winds of change

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Change. To some, it's frightening; to others, difficult; to still others, it's inevitable. Whether you're a manufacturer, a distributor or a retail operation, change is a complex, time-consuming, risky business. ...