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Calculating car parking fringe benefits

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Car parking provided by an employer to an employee (or associate) is subject to FBT. FBT applies to car parking where one of the following benefits is provided: a car parking fringe benefit; or an eligible car p...

Check your order form

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Product or service not selling? Usually we wonder if there isn’t enough demand to sell it. Or maybe the product just needs better marketing. Recently a client was about to delete several items from his Web site ord...

Choosing communications equipment

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Businesses can usually be contacted a variety of ways, from telephones, mobile phones and pagers to voice mail, e-mail and answering machines, so choosing the right communication system for your business is essential....

Common insurance exclusions and clauses

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Flood damage exclusions It is important to remember that all insurance policies are unique and have different characteristics and exclusions. The following exclusions though, are common in most commercial insurance...

Convert business language into people language

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Jargon tends to creep into our language no matter what business we’re in. Jargon is the language that is pertinent to a particular occupation, and people like lawyers are renowned for using it! We tend to do the same ...

Copyright and licenses

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In essence, copyright is the protection applied to published and unpublished works in the literary, dramatic, musical or artistic arena. Copyright allows the creator to benefit financially from their work and to re...

Countdown to New Year’s strategies

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Today’s environment is uncertain. No-one really knows to what extent recent world events will impact our economy and for how long. Whilst you may not be able to change the economic environment, we can help ensure t...

Creating a KPI action checklist

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This section provides some strategies which might help improve your firm's performance. The lists do not cover all objectives, or all options, but may help show some suitable techniques. While reviewing this materi...

Creating an ad

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From the Mailbag. . . Q: I own a small mail order jewellery company and really can't afford to do anything other than small-space advertising. But my current ad is not getting results, and I wonder just how big a cha...

Creating goals and following them

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  Don’t waste time on empty wishes for your business. Get in the game and make it happen. Are you whining because things aren’t happening or working to transform your dreams into reality? Consider these que...